5 Interesting Facts About Jeon Yeo Been, Vincenzo’s Ambitious Lawyer

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Sidat.ID, – Korean drama Vincenzo continues to garner high ratings. The series, which airs on tvN and Netflix, ranks second on the list of the most popular Korean dramas as of early April according to Good Data Corporation.

Vincenzo is currently postponing the broadcast of episodes 15 and 16 to improve the quality of the broadcast. This made the audience impatient waiting for the story of Vincenzo, who fought to overthrow the Babel Group.

Apart from Song Joong Ki, the success of the Korean drama Vincenzo did not escape the role of the protagonists of the series. One not to be forgotten is Jeon Yeo Been, Hong Cha Young’s actor.

Cha Young’s character is counted as an ambitious lawyer who is willing to do various ways to win various cases. He is very confident in his abilities as a young lawyer.

Hong Cha Young often tickles the audience with his overly trusting behavior. He was very proud of Vincenzo and had considered him an enemy because he was on the opposite side. He was a little jealous because his father liked Vincenzo better.

Playing a unique character in Korean drama Vincenzo, 5 interesting facts about actress Jeon Yeo Been.

  1. The third Korean drama

Jeon Yeo Been is not a new name in the entertainment world. However, the woman who was born in Gangneung on July 26, 1989 rarely participates in Korean dramas. She mainly played in big screen movies.

Jeon Yeo Been’s debut began when she starred in a movie called The Best Director. She began appearing on the small screen in 2017 through the Korean drama OCN titled Save Me.

Playing successfully in Save Me, Jeon Yeo Been was designated as a cameo to play in the drama Korean Live on tvN the following year. She then came back to land the title role in Be Melodramatic in 2019.

Vincenzo is the second Korean drama project he’s doing with tvN. In this series, it is believed that she plays the female lead with a very important role.

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  1. She was hired as an actress

Jeon Yeo Been got a taste of acting for the first time while studying at Dongduk Women’s University. At the time she was specializing in Broadcast Entertainment.


One day, lead actress and director Moon So Ri spotted Jeon Yeo Been performing in the trailer for the Seoul Women’s Film Festival. She later recruited Jeon Yeo Been to appear in a short film called The Best Director. She at that time she was only 26 years old.

Successful with short films, she immediately made her big screen debut through the film The Treacherous in the same year. So far, she has starred in 12 movies in theaters.

  1. Win prizes

Having successfully starred in various Korean movie and drama titles, Jeon Yeo Been has often received various awards in the field of acting. Her name was nominated for the Independent Star Award at the 2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival and immediately won the trophy.

Still in the same year, she was named Actress of the Year at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival. Both awards were won for her role in the movie Afer My Death.

Her name was just nominated for the Korean Drama Award through the series Be Melodramatic in 2020. Jeon Yeo Been was included in the Best New TV Actress nomination at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

  1. she wanted to stop acting

Having won various awards in the field of acting, Jeon Yeo Been has unexpectedly almost left the entertainment world. She wants to stop acting if she doesn’t get big roles in dramas or movies.

Fortunately, her Yeo Been received the recognition just before her 30th birthday. Her role in the movie After My Death managed to catapult the name of the woman with the sign of Leo.

“I have no other career option and it stresses me more. But the anxiety I felt at that time made me more resilient,” Yeo Been said, quoted by Soompi.

  1. Be challenged in Vincenzo

Jeon Yeo Been’s role in the Korean drama Vincenzo made him very challenged. Hong Cha Young is the main character who plays an important role in Vincenzo’s story.

He had to compete by acting with actor Song Joong Ki, who had many fans. Therefore, Jeon Yeo Been is determined to make a name for himself in the world of K-Dramas through this 20-episode series.

“My face is not very familiar with the public yet, so it would be great if he (Hong Cha Young) could continue to be remembered by the audience and they would exclaim, ‘Oh, that’s Hong Cha Young! When he saw me,” he said. her.***

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