7 SEO Trends in 2021 that You Should Consider

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Sidat.ID, – Coming into late 2020, it is important for a marketer to know what SEO (search engine optimization) trends need to be considered in 2021.

Why is this important? SEO is one of the main keys for marketers to optimize their website.

Through SEO, you can reach the top position on Google search pages. That way, the traffic going to the website will automatically increase from time to time.

What are the SEO trends in 2021? Relax, in this article Sidat.ID will tell you.

Come on, look together!

  1. Mobile Device Compatibility Affects Google Rankings

It’s undeniable, now almost most people use cell phones to open Google.

This is what marketers should consider next year.

When reporting SEMrush, Google will prioritize mobile-optimized websites for top rankings on search pages.

So how can you make your website mobile friendly? One way is to slow it down when it opens.

So, make sure your website performs well when opened via mobile device.

Because if the website is slow, visitors will automatically leave it, thus creating a bounce rate.

  1. Voice search affects query search

Who is not familiar with the Google Assistant? This Google tool allows users to search Google by voice or it may be called voice search.

In practice, all you have to do is say what you want to Google, then Google will show the results immediately.

Well, as of SEMrush, voice search is considered a trend in SEO in 2021.

How do I maximize voice search?

When users search by voice, they tend to use longer phrases.

This is different from writing that uses shorter sentences.

For example, in voice search, people might say “What are the new SEO trends in 2021?” instead of “SEO trends 2021”.

Therefore, it is important to optimize your voice search for the next year.

  1. Long articles help increase SERP

According to data from SEMrush, articles that are over 3,000 words long have the potential to generate a lot of traffic.

Additionally, long-form articles have the potential for backlinks.

The thing to remember, though, is that you still need to create quality content.

Don’t just prioritize the number of words, but leave the quality of the content created.

The best way to create long-form content is to break it up into multiple heading sections. For example, multiply H2 by H3.

This will make it easier for mobile device users to read your articles.

  1. The video content strategy is effective

Don’t have video content yet? Better, immediately think of a concept to do it from now on. Because, this will be an SEO trend in 2021.

As we know, YouTube is a booming video platform. Its popularity has prompted many marketers to take steps to maximize video SEO, especially on YouTube.

In fact, as reported by Cardinal Digital Marketing, 92% of marketers consider video an important part of their marketing strategy.

So how do you maximize video content on YouTube? As with article content, you need to search for the right keywords for your YouTube video.

Also, optimize the description of the map on YouTube along with the tags.

  1. Image optimization plays an important role

Image optimization is an important role for you to improve your SEO in the coming year.

How? Try to use high-quality and relevant images for your content.

Also, use alt text, titles, and captions on images so Google can index them.

If you haven’t optimized your blog images, we recommend that you do so from now on.

  1. Local SEO will be widely used

When conducting a search, it is often recommended to visit a site in certain locations.

For example, by typing “install Wi-Fi” behind it, there should be additional Wi-Fi facilities for Jogja, Semarang, Bandung, Jakarta, and other cities.

Well, local SEO will become an SEO trend in 2021. As SEMrush reported, most people search for products or services that are located in their location.

To maximize local SEO, you can use Google My Business.

Through these Google tools, you can promote your products based on where your business is running.

  1. Priority should be given to data and analysis

Through the data, you can learn about the behavior, interests, problems and other information about users.

Therefore, being data-driven is one of the things that must be instilled from an early age to face the next year.

The reason is that data is one of the SEO trends that should be prioritized in 2020.

You can use tools like Google Analytics to track website data.

So, those are the seven SEO trends in 2021. Make sure you are prepared from now on. Because, without a doubt, the competition to obtain the first place will be more fierce.

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