7 Special Powers Racing Car Games

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Sidat.ID, – “Rare” is the word that comes to mind when looking for a racing game with special strengths or the technical language is “vehicular combat racing”.

This genre was in fact popular in the 90-2000 years. Because everything was squeezed in the PS1 and PS2 era, the lack of numbers and enthusiasts in the PS3 and PS4 era made publishers reluctant to go for funding similar genres.

Even so, there are several car racing games with special powers that are still fun today. Some are old games, but we include a list of other games released in recent years. What are games? Here is the list.

  1. NASCAR: Rumble

Who doesn’t know NASCAR: Rumble? This legendary PS1 game combines NASCAR cars with power-ups that can crash into enemies. There are several power-ups scattered around the circuit ranging from hammer shields that can launch enemies that are hit, to hurricanes. Unlike the usual NASCAR races, the circuits provided are not generic, but with a variety of twists and deadly obstacles.

  1. Fraction of a second

Split Second is another car racing game that includes various power-ups. Destruction is their daily food. In this game, players can choose many cars to compete in races that take place on circuits that are generally located in urban areas. Unlike the others, in this game you can cast a special power or “event” called a power play. Power play can only be performed when the meter is full. How? Do some stunts like drifting.

  1. Annihilators

If other race car games focused on speeding up the circuit, Obliteracers wouldn’t work like that. This game has a shared screen with a maximum of 16 players on one screen. In each race there will be a cash power that can be taken with the force already shown. Your goal is not to chase the goal, but to smash your opponents hard or knock them out of the loop. Unfortunately, the races in Obliteracers are quite slow and losing too fast will quickly bore you.

  1. Blur

The blur can be a combination of Split Second and NASCAR: Rumble. It has power-ups that you can acquire in the middle of the game and in quick races. You can hold up to three power-ups and prevent your health bar from depleting. Some cars are licensed cars with tracks taken from the real world. Unfortunately, Blur is no longer on the market because Activision has not renewed the license since 2011.

  1. Grip: Combat Racing

With a futuristic theme, Grip: Combat Racing has a car that can be flipped. It has power-ups with its unique powers. In other words, your car will not tip over at all because the two sides of the car are exactly the same. Each track will be on a planet in the middle of nowhere designed for fast racing. You can use a variety of forces, such as machine guns, to, of course, guide missiles.

  1. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

Actually, it is quite strange to put kart racing in the category of race cars, but due to the lack of several racing games that use cars with special powers, I decided to include it.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is a reboot of the original iteration that Naughty Dog had developed. You will be able to see all your favorite characters from the PS1 era with a better appearance. They still have some of the power-ups that can be recovered by crashing the karts in mystery boxes.

  1. Sonic Racing Team

Even though Team Sonic Racing is a kart race, the use of “car” decided to include it. Simply put, this game is pretty much the same as Crash Team Racing, but with its unique “team” strength. You can get behind your teammates to gain more speed as you collect power-ups that appear throughout the game. Team play places a lot of emphasis on reaching the goal and being in first position.

There are 7 car racing games with special powers. Did you have time to try it? From the list above, there are not many games that use the concept of power-up, but we may be wrong and maybe you can provide some similar games for other readers in the comment column below.

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