Anime Attack on Titan, Here Are 5 Very Good Leader Characters

Sidat.ID, – Attack on Titan has many leader characters, starting from the Commander of the Scout Troop, King of the Walls, to the leader of Marley’s soldiers. There are only a few characters who are very good at being called competent leaders.

Their intelligence that they have in designing strategies, charisma, and the sacrifices they make, are five excellent leader characters who have ever existed in the anime Attack on Titan. Are you curious about the characters? Check out the following reviews.

  1. Armin Arlert

Despite his young age, his intelligence could almost match Erwin’s intelligence. Many think that Armin is a more suitable person to replace Erwin’s position as Reconnaissance Commander than Hange.

In the battle in Shiganshina, Armin managed to find the hiding place of Reiner and his allies even though the location is quite difficult to find. Later, Armin managed to defeat the Colossal Titan at the cost of his life and then managed to survive by eating Bertholdt and inheriting the Colossal Titan’s powers.

  1. Erwin Smith
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Erwin Smith is not only a very good leader character in the Attack on Titan series, but he has become one of the best leading characters ever in the history of anime. As the Commander of the Reconnaissance Squad, Erwin was known as an honest, wise and intelligent leader.

Erwin is the commander who has succeeded in turning the bandits of the Underground City into the excellent army that was once owned by Paradis. Erwin was able to get young soldiers to join his division even though everyone knew that the Reconnaissance Army had a much more dangerous task than other military divisions.

As the Commander of the Reconnaissance Squad, Erwin was smart enough to trick the Military Police twice, he carried out a coup against the Paradisian Kingdom, until he defeated the Beast Titan in the open field.

  1. Dot Pixis

The Commander of the Guard, Dot Pixis is one of the most influential people in Paradis. He once saved Eren’s life by convincing everyone that Eren could become mankind’s greatest hope.

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Pixis once helped Erwin to stage a coup against the kingdom. Thanks to extraordinary cooperation and well-thought plans, Pixis and Erwin managed to bring down the fake King of the Walls and crown Historia the real Queen of the Walls.

  1. Darius Zackly

Darius Zackly is the general of all military divisions in Paradis. Darius is a figure with an open mind. He sees Eren more as the hope of mankind than as a threat.

  1. Zeke Yeager

As the son of Grisha Yeager, Zeke inherited his father’s intelligence. Thanks to his cleverness, it did not take Zeke long to take over the leadership of Marley’s soldiers. Even though he was once defeated by Erwin’s intelligence, this did not change the fact that he had killed most of the Reconnaissance Squad members.

Zeke managed to control the Paradis government and military by making them drink their spinal fluid. Together with Eren, Zeke founded the Yeagerist who would later start Rumbling, a massive attack with the potential to destroy the world.

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Zackly was involved in the coup carried out by Erwin and Pixis. He became one of the people who succeeded in overthrowing the corrupt Reiss government. However, like Erwin, Zackly did not live long because he had to die after someone put a bomb on his chair.

Five excellent leader characters in the anime Attack on Titan. Out of the five Attack on Titan characters, who is your favorite character ***

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