Aquatope Of White Sand Anime Coming In July, New Visuals Out To Be Released

Sidat.ID, – Spring may bring the best anime, but there will be more anime in summer. Studio PA Works announced the original anime, Aquatope of White Sand, on January 15, which attracted the interest of many anime fans. The announcement for the anime was made on PA Works’ official Twitter account, @PAWORKS_info.

This anime will be directed by Toshiya Shinohara. Anyone who has seen anime art will appreciate the outstanding character designs of Umiko (U35) and Yuki Akiyama.

The White Sand Aquatope lacks source material, which makes it a very curious subject. However, the plot summary is so compelling that it’s hard to ignore.

If you haven’t seen the PV yet, take a look at DMM Pictures’ official YouTube channel.

PA Works has animated various anime series such as Another, Charlotte, and Angel Beats. The upcoming anime has caused a lot of commotion among fans.

Aquatope of White Sand will release a new image in April 2021. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming anime from PA Works studio.

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Aquatope of White Sand: Plot Overview

Kukuru Misakino is an eighteen-year-old boy who works at the Gama Gama Aquarium in Okinawa. The aquarium had a secret that he had known for a long time. He has a dream that he wants to fulfill one day and is working hard to achieve it.

On the other hand, we have another eighteen-year-old girl, Fūka Miyazawa, who escaped from Tokyo. She was an idol, but now she has given up on her dream. She had fled her home in Tokyo and fled to Okinawa.

Kukuru met Fūka at the aquarium and found out that she had run away from her. She invited her to live with him.

Fūka asked Kukuru to let him work at the aquarium. Together, they discover more about the mysterious secrets of the aquarium.


However, things got shaky when they discovered that the aquarium was about to close and decided to fight and save it.

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The anime will resonate with the development of these characters as they learn from each other. The beautiful chemistry between the two main characters is quite visible in the trailer.

It looks like a CGDCT anime genre, but there are so many deep plots that a simple genre like CGDCT doesn’t seem to justify it that well.

The anime looks like it will feature promising drama and chemistry, and just a hint of supernatural elements is just right to spice it up.

Aquatope of White Sand: new images and release date

The upcoming anime releases its most recent image on April 6, 2021. Two new characters are introduced. The anime began airing in July 2021.

The opening song was performed by ARCANA. This is called ‘Tayutae Nana-iro’. The final song, ‘Tsukiuimi no Yurikago’, was performed by Mia REGINA.

New Visual Aquatope White Sand

The new look for Aquatope of White Sand adds to the plot announced in January 2021. There is a lot of focus on Okinawa and its scenic beauty.

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We are one step closer to the character that we will fully meet in July. The art and animation are aesthetically pleasing and emotionally moving.

PA Works has yet to announce a fixed release date. Also, details such as the licensed platforms for international viewers and the number of episodes have not been announced. You can always get the latest information on the upcoming anime by following the @aquatope_anime Twitter account.***

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