Attack on Titan Chapter 139, 10 Uncovered Secrets Until the End of AoT

Sidat.ID, – In just a matter of days, one of the most popular manga, Attack on Titan will end soon. Attack on Titan is certain to end in chapter 139 which is planned to be released on April 9.

With only a few days left, fans must be very impatient waiting for what kind of ending Hajime Isayama will suggest to end the story’s journey that has lasted more than a decade.

Noted, Attack on Titan has been published since September 9, 2009 and is now still one of the most popular manga series in the world.

In fact, because of the importance of this last chapter, Kodansha as the official publisher of Attack on Titan gave an ultimatum not to spread spoilers for the upcoming manga chapter 139 panels.

Now, ahead of the release of the manga on April 9, here are some secrets that are still not fully revealed and are expected to be uncovered by Isayama in the upcoming Attack on Titan chapter 139.

  1. Was Eren Really Dead?

It seems that Eren really is dead now, but there have been other times where fans thought he died only for him to return moments later.

It wouldn’t be too surprising to find that he survived once again or that he somehow came back to life.

The popular theory that fans have for a while is that Eren died in this timeline and would enter the world of Path and incarnate in a world that was free from Titan.

Whether that is the case or if he is really dead now is something that readers will definitely know about in the next chapter.

  1. Who is Historia’s Child’s Father?

When Historia was a child, she was bullied by a boy so that she would have children a few years later.

However, even though the characters believe that this is the father of the unborn royal family, fans disagree.

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Many readers think that Eren or maybe Zeke is the true father of Historia’s child and hope this is revealed after the baby is born.

  1. What Will Ymir Fritz Do Now That He Is Free?

After nearly 2,000 years on the pathway world and being forced to create giants for those who inherited the Founding Titan, Eren has freed Ymir Fritz.

He will most likely play an important role in chapter 139, but seeing how little is known about him, no one guessed what he would do.

Some fans argue that he is in control of The Rumbling while others think that he will erase all of Titan’s existence.

However, for all that he has been through, Ymir has the right to do whatever he wants once in his life.

  1. Are Reiner, Annie, and Pieck Dead?

In chapter 138, all of Ymir’s subjects in Fort Salta turn into titan, except for those who have become titan shifter and Ackerman.

Among the new giants are family members of the Soldier Unit, such as Annie’s father, Reiner’s mother, Gabi and his family.

These new giants attacked Female Titan, Armor Titan, and Cart Titan, and it seems that their heir will be killed by their loved ones.

  1. Will Gabi Inherit The Armored Titan?

When readers are first introduced to Gabi, they find out that he is Reiner’s little cousin and want to inherit his Armored Titan, which is possible in the end.

Even though it’s not like he imagined, now he is a titan with no sense, he has to eat titan shifter to become human again.

Reiner is close enough to him that he might be the one who got it, although other characters, such as Jean and Connie, might beat him because they were seen biting the Armored Titan.

  1. Will Levi be saved?

Levi is considered to be the mankind’s strongest warrior, and he is clearly the greatest warrior who ever lived in Paradis.

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However, he is not as strong as he used to be and readers wonder if he will regain his strength.

After fighting Zeke, he lost two of his fingers, his face was badly injured, and he passed out for some time.

Since the series is coming to an end, he may not need to fight again, but it will be sad that he never recovers or at worst he will die after the alliance defeats Eren.

  1. Who Will Be Ruler of Paradis?

Since the Yeagerist took over the Paradis and only wanted Eren to lead them, it is possible that he will take the crown from the Reiss family, as he did with the Founding Titan.

He’s already dead, the Yeagerists are probably looking for one of the strongest members of their group to replace him.

However, everything returned to normal, Historia was certain to be able to continue to rule the Paradis he wanted.

Seeing how he didn’t even want to become the master of the wall, he probably wouldn’t have a problem returning to his quiet life as long as he could continue to help those in need.

  1. Will the People on Paradis Island Explore the Outside World?

At the beginning of the AOT story which was published more than 10 years ago, we were shown that most of the people in Paradis would never think of leaving the wall because of their fear of the titans.

However, with most of them leaving, they might decide to end up doing what only Survey Corps members were brave enough to do and see the rest of the world.

Did they go to another country like Marley and Hizuru or live on the island but go out to sea like Armin had always dreamed of?

It would be great to see people who were like cattle locked up in a stable called a wall, finally escape and see the outside world after 100 years of confinement.

  1. Will the Battle Between the Paradis and the Marleys Continue?
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It seemed that the war between Eldian and Marley would finally end after 2,000 years.

The men who almost killed Eren realized that their hatred and fear created a demon and saw that the Survey Corps was teaming up with Marley’s Soldier Unit to stop him.

However, there were many Marley tribes, and other races around the world, who were probably more afraid of the Eldians because of Eren’s actions.

These people can continue the war, not understanding what the main characters of this series are learning.

  1. Will There Be a Happy End?

Since Attack on Titan is so dark and serious, it will most likely not have a happy ending like most stories.

In fact, it will feel out of place for everyone to be happy, and because there are so many perspectives between characters, it’s not possible for everyone to get what they want.

While some fans support the Survey Corps and the Warrior Unit, others believe Eren is right and the Yeagerists are real life, so whether there is a happy or sad ending will depend on which side of the war readers are on.

In addition, Hajime Isayama himself has often hinted that he will make an ending that will hurt all Attackk on Titan readers, because that is the ending he wants in this masterpiece.

Maybe you could say “Hurting the hearts of the fans is the way of Ninja Isayama-sensei.”

So, those are the 10 secrets that are still a mystery in the Attack on Titan manga that has been revealed sometime.

Manga Attack on Titan final chapter aka chapter 139 itself will be released officially and globally on April 9, 2021. ***

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