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Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Leaks, Summary: Manga Ending Spoiler Finally Revealed

Sidat.ID, – Attack on Titan Chapter 139 spoilers and leaks were finally confirmed and a basic summary of the manga chapter compiled. While there have been some previous Attack on Titan 139 leaks, this one has been confirmed by reliable sources and they are all correctly translated as well.

For those who read further, this is the final warning that the post contains spoilers, leaks, recaps, final manga disclosures, so one should proceed at one’s own risk.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation

Eren leads Armin to a path, just as Zeke led Eren to the previous path.

They see the items from the past and continue their talk, looking at the ocean while holding hands in their adult form, Armin punches Eren.

The background changes to after 蹂躏 (蹂躏 can mean different, it could mean after Armin defeated Eren, or it could mean after a rumble, but the word itself does not mean rumble). Armin hugged Eren as a last goodbye, before leaving, he saw someone. “

Armin woke up, saw Mikasa holding Eren’s head.

She walked over to him and wept loudly.

All the pure titan is destroyed, all are fine now.

Levi saw Hange, Erwin, and everyone else in the heat of the steam.

Jean and Connie saw Sasha smiling in the hot steam.

Reiner and his mother get together and hug, Armin grapples with the consequences (whatever that means, it’s not clear in Chinese either).

Mikasa shook her head. (Originally “带头 离开”, 带头 could mean “direct” or literally “take the head”, so this part is subject to debate)

Signs for the years to come.

Story holding a child, celebrating a birthday with a man behind him.

Everyone grew up, got on the boat and left, including Reiner.

In the distance, the adults Gabi and Falco push Levi in ​​a wheelchair.

A bird flies from the sky.

The people on the ship saw the bird.

In an unknown place, Mikasa is sitting under a tree, next to her is a small grave.

The bird approached Mikasa and bit her scarf, then she flew away.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 The full summary will be updated once the manga leak has been compiled and translated into English.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Set Types and Complete Manga Releases

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 sets or scans will appear as soon as the manga panels are compiled, cleaned, and translated into English. However, it would be better to wait until April 9 and read the full online version of Attack on Titan chapter 139 manga from official sources to get the best experience.***



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