Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Leaks, When will chapter come out?

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Sidat.ID, – The end of Attack on Titan is near, my friends. This week will mark the end of an era. Hajime Isayama will publish the final chapter of Attack on Titan after more than a decade of work, so you can prepare for what is to come. And if you need to know when this chapter will be released, we are here to help.

Attack on Titan will release Chapter 139 on Friday, April 9 in Japan. This chapter will be published via Kodansha as a last hurray. Now, fans will be able to find manga officially in the United States through Crunchyroll of Comixology.

If you want to read this chapter using Crunchyroll, you have to become a premium subscriber. As for Comixology, Chapter 139 will be available for digital purchase. Both services are supposed to open on April 9, but the traffic may be dense enough to slow down access to the finals when they go live.

All eyes are on this chapter to see how Attack on Titan came to be. Isayama has spent more than a decade composing this series, and Eren’s journey has been a difficult one. Over the years, millions of people have considered Eren a hero, but his last turn in the manga has questioned his legacy. Now, it’s up to the end of Attack on Titan to finish the story, and netizens are excited and scared to see how it goes.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139: Explanation of the launch date, time and spoiler

Fans are wondering what the release date and time of Attack on Titan chapter 139 is, as well as if there are any spoilers.

Attack on Titan (A.K.A. Shingeki no Kyojin) debuted with readers in September 2009 and has become immensely popular with thousands of people around the world. Fans are looking forward to the release of the next chapter of the post-apocalyptic graphic novel written by Haime Isayama.

The latest session of the manga that has been a fan favorite for 11 years. Volume 34, which contains chapter 139, will be the last chapter of Attack on Titans. Fans are hoping to say a sad goodbye to this series of novels.

The launch of the latest chapter of Attack on Titans, number 139?



According to Kodansha, Attack on Titan chapter 139 will release its final ever chapter on Friday, 9th April 2021.
After over 11 years of the manga, creator Hajime Isayama is bringing his commercially acclaimed novel to an end.

The final volume is set to be released in early April for Bessatsu Shonen magazine, but the physical issue of volume 34 will ship on 9th June 2021.


The final ever chapter of Attack on Titan is expected to be released at the times below, varying for each time zone.

Pacific Time 7 AM
Central Time: 9 AM
Eastern Time: 10 AM
British Time: 3 PM
European Time: 4 PM
Pakistan time: 8 PM
India time: 8:30 PM
Japan time: 12 AM
Korea Time: 12 AM
Australia Central Time: 1: 30 AM

The described times have not been officially confirmed, but are approximations based on previous chapters.


Spoilers and leaks are set to be revealed for the final chapter closer to the time of release.

We will keep updating our findings so please do check back with us for regular updates!

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