Attack on Titan Chapter 139, Worse than Game of Thrones

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Sidat.ID, – The final spoiler for Attack on Titan chapter 139 came out and has caused quite a stir among fans. Although the leaks have not even been fully verified, as there is no actual manga panel, everyone has accepted Zekken’s leaked summary as an original spoiler.

Fans were saddened and heartbroken that Attack on Titan 139’s story had ruined the end of the manga. Hajime Isayama had written the ending of Attack on Titan in a very bad way, even worse than the ending of Game of Thrones.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will always be a successful or broken chapter and it seems things have fallen apart now. Attack on titan chapter 139 spoilers reddit, Aot chapter 139 reddit and attack on titan ending on chapter 139

Hajime Isayama cleared Devastated Attack on Titan Chapter 139

Hajime Isayama is hailed as the greatest mangaka of all time and Attack on Titan is his masterpiece, but that will change soon.

Most of the fandom was disappointed in Isayama and believed that the creators had ruined the ending of Attack on Titan Chapter 139 and that basically ruined the ending of the manga.

Although it has always been known that not everyone will be happy with the ending of the manga, everyone hopes that it will at least satisfy the general public.


But all hope is lost as hardly any manga reader is happy with Attack on Titan Chapter 139 ending and thinks nothing could be worse than this.

Attack on Titan Ending is worse than Game of Thrones Ending

Attack on Titan and Game of Thrones are always compared to each other because they are solid throughout the story, but the bad ending ruins everything for the fans.

Since the last few chapters, fans have felt the same way they did during the first few episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 because they could see the story in the wrong direction.

The final spoilers for Attack on Titan Chapter 139 hint that the end of the manga is something akin to a Disney movie in which everyone is finally happy and all conflicts are resolved.

While that kind of ending may work for regular manga, Attack on Titan is always brutal and no one expects them to have a Game of Thrones-like happy ending, where everyone is happy without major consequences.***

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