Attack on Titan End Chapter 139: The end of Eren the Shingeki no Kyojin

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Sidat.ID, – Attack on Titan manga ends in Chapter 139 “Ano Oka no Ki ni Mukatte”. The final chapter of the AoT comic can be read legally on Crunchyroll and Comixology starting Friday, April 9, 2021. This is the end of Eren the Shingeki no Kyojin journey who has been searching for freedom with his two best friends, Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlert.

After 11 years and 7 months since the release of its first chapter, the Attack on Titan manga ended in the May 2021 issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. As the magazine’s cover, AoT’s characters were shown when they were young, starting from Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Reiner Braun, Sasha Braus, Connie Springer, Until Historia Fritz.

Attack on Titan was born in the summer of 2006 or 15 years ago. Shintaro Kawakubo, who had just joined Kodansha at that time, received a call from Hajime Isayama regarding the manga.

Isayama had actually shown the AoT manuscript, a total of 65 pages in a one-shot version, to several publishers, but did not get the expected response.

Kawakubo, the script of AoT presented by Isayama, displays extraordinary passion. Hence, the serialization of the manga began. Precisely on November 9, 2020, the release of the first chapter of Attack on Titan in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine began. The title, “Ni Sen Nen Go no Kimi e”.

Synopsis Manga Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan with the dark fantasy genre is unique. The story begins with a boy named Eren Yeager who lives in the city of Shiganshina, which is located on the edge of Wall Maria, the outermost of the 3 walls that protect humanity from Titan.

Eren Yeager and the people inside the wall have long been taught that they are the only human beings who have survived the onslaught of Titan who are ready to devour them at any time, when the wall is broken.

In 845, when Wall Maria was breached by the Colossal Titan (Chō ōgata Kyojin) and Armored Titan (Yoroi no Titan), Eren’s mother was eaten by a smiling Titan, who later discovered was Dina Fritz, Eren’s father’s first wife, Grisha Yeager.

The death of the mother made Eren vow to take revenge by eliminating all the Titans. He enlisted in the military, then joined the Survey Corps with Mikasa and Armin.

Eren himself had been injected with a titan serum by his father, Grisha. As a result, Eren turned into a titan and ate Grisha. Through this process, Eren inherited Attack Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) and Founding Titan (Shiso no Kyojin).

Later it was known, Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, Attack Titan, Until Founding Titan were 4 of the total 9 Titans (Kokonotsu no Titan) passed down from generation to generation by the Eldia Nation, or the people who lived inside the Wall.

The Eldians were actually not the only human beings left. Instead, they were brought by King Karl Fritz to their current place, Paradis Island, to avoid mass extermination.


Eldia committed a “grave sin” by taking over the world, Marley’s territory, through the power of the Kokonotsu no Titan. After the internal conflict that never ended, Eldia became fragile. Instead, it was Marley’s turn to rule and oppress them.

The Kokonotsu no Titan can only be passed on to the Elders. These Titans were descended from Ymir, the slaves of King Fritz. Marley was in control of the situation, Eldians who did not live in Paradis, but in Liberio, Marley’s territory, became “tools”.

Eren and friends who entered the Survey Corps finally realized this fact. There are only 2 choices, namely passively defending from Marley, or attacking in order to protect Eldia’s existence from the threat of annihilation.

Eren, who has the power of Founding Titan, can do rumbling, make Titan-Titan Wall move and destroy mankind out there.

The former little boy Eren, who only wanted freedom, saw things outside the walls, completely changed. He now chooses to destroy all opponents who can eliminate his clan, Eldia.

Seeing that Eren was like this, Eldia and Marley banded together against him. In Chapter 138 of Shingeki no Kyojin, Mikasa finally reached the Founding Titan’s mouth, beheaded Eren who was hanging there, then kissed him.

Mikasa has always loved Eren. Likewise with Eren, even though he was never expressive. However, their love cannot possibly come true.

Eren must carry out a mission to destroy the world, end the tragedy of the Titan inheritance from generation to generation, and make Eldia not the target of world destruction.

On the other hand, there is Armin, an optimistic figure who always tries to find a way of peace, not the path of war that Eren chose. Armin’s sincerity is the key to him as a savior of mankind from destruction by the action of Founding Titan.

Eren Yeager who seeks freedom, finally becomes a liberator for those closest to him, a member of the Survey Corps who had seen him as an enemy. Eren was also the one who “freed” Mikasa from the “curse of obedience” of the Ackerman clan.

Anime Schedule AoT Season 4 Part 2

Even though Attack on Titan is over, AoT fans will still be waiting for this manga adaptation anime. Until the first part of the fourth season of Attack on Titan which was worked on from 116 chapters by Hajime Isayama. There is still part 2 of Attack on Titan: Final Season which will air in winter 2022. That part will start from the adaptation of Chapter 117 until the last chapter, Chapter 139.***

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