Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Ending, Explained

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Sidat.ID, – There may only be a few other anime like ‘Attack on Titan’. The story of the dark fantasy series centers on a group of human warriors who are determined to defeat the man-eating creatures called Titans. It is based on a manga by Hajime Isayama, and its outstanding character development, animation, story, voice-over performances, and tone have been praised worldwide.

So far in season 4, the four-year war is over and Marley’s generals want to make technological advances. Zeke wants to attack Paradis Island, and Falco is concerned that Gabi will inherit the Armored Titan. As if this wasn’t enough, in episode 3, some pretty interesting information surfaced. So, let’s go there, shall we?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 recap

As Reiner relaxes in his childhood home, he remembers how he wanted to be an honorary Marleyan from childhood so that he could live with his mother and father. That is why he was trained to become a soldier, even though he wanted to be considered a hero. With the help of a flashback scene, we learn that Reiner is loyal but not the most skilled. The chances of Reiner inheriting a Titan are slim. In fact, he even got into a fight with his colleagues about it.

Finally, the shortlisted candidates are revealed. Annie is a female Titan, Reiner is an Armored Titan, Marcel is a Jaw Titan, Zeke is a Beast Titan, Pieck is a Train Titan, and finally Bertolt is a Colossus Titan. Galliard was surprised that Reiner was chosen among him. During the parade, Reiner sees his father separated from the crowd and tells him that they (Reiner and his mother) are now the honorable people of Marley. Families can live together again. However, his father didn’t care and he wanted nothing to do with them. Later, the team will continue the mission to Paradis Island.

Marcel reveals that Reiner was never meant to be an armored titan. To protect his own brother, Marcel intervenes and influences decision makers. Before Reiner can process all of this, Ymir arrives in pure Titan form and devours Marcel (saving Reiner from certain death). Annie and Reiner then argue about how to proceed with the mission, and in the end, it is decided that they will destroy Wall Rose to attract the Founding Titan. (Alongside this is a scene from season 1 that has been juxtaposed for context.)

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 Ending

Now, Reiner loaded his gun and almost went off. However, by chance, Falco hit the outer wall in frustration. Falco is upset that he cannot improve and be better than Gabi. However, he wanted to save her from the “dark future” of inheriting Titan from her by becoming an Armored Titan himself. Reiner realizes that he still has people to live for.


On the way home, Falco stopped by the hospital. There he starts a conversation with a wounded man who claims that people have different reasons for going to war. Some have joined the army due to external pressure from society, but others have imposed themselves. he felt that those who were willing to do so saw something that no one else saw. After all, people won’t know what they’re capable of unless they keep moving forward.

Who is Falco’s mysterious friend?

Falco’s conversation with the man outside the hospital was a bit cryptic. They spoke honestly about the ravages of war and how different people were motivated by various factors. The man even pointed out that they are always surrounded by misery, loneliness, illness and death. Falco expressed that he was concerned that Gabi would inherit Titan.

The two characters have found comfort in each other, if only for a moment. But this meeting was important for more than one reason because it seemed like Eren Jaeger had finally returned. One of our first hints is that the Season 1 clips with Eren have been scattered throughout the episode. At one point, while Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt were discussing their mission, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa were seen in the background as refugees.

Towards the end, there is a scene where Reiner motivates Eren not to give up. Interestingly, in this flashback, Eren is struggling to master the ODM machines, which are a must-have tool against the Titans. However, Reiner offers to help and says that Eren must keep moving forward. The wounded soldier said the same to Falco Now, and this does not hint at Eren’s return, we don’t know what will happen.***

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