Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Ending, Explained

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Sidat.ID, – The latest season of ‘Attack on Titan’ continues to feature a wealth of information about the Titans, Eldians, Marleyans and their interconnected history. We watched the once naive and idealized Eren take his own and grasp the big picture. Episode 5 answers some of the unanswered questions while asking some more debilitating questions.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 recap

As Tybur got ready to go on stage, Reiner and Eren started talking. Although Falco wanted to leave, both Eren and Reiner encouraged him to stay. At the hearing, Annie’s father and Reiner’s mother spoke about the sacrifice of their children, and Reiner believes that his daughter is still alive today. When the ceremony began, a soldier called the young men and told them that Commander Magath had asked them.

Tybur finally begins his speech and talks about how 100 years ago, the Elders used to rule with the power of giants. he then discusses the story of Helos and how the hero defeated the “evil” King Fritz to secure peace. After this battle, the king went to Paradis Island, where many giants resided. Meanwhile, a soldier leads Pieck and Porco into a room, where they are thrown into a hole so they cannot unleash their power.

As Tybur talks about his story, Eren and Reiner talk about the motivation behind his immediate action and the events that took place several years ago. Finally, Tybur reveals that the truth is different from the generally accepted narrative. After all, it was King Fritz who secured peace in the region and Helos was a sham. Fritz promised to abandon the war, which is why this ideology was passed down through his lineage.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Ending: Willy Tybur dead?

Towards the end of his speech, Tybur states that since Eren (who now has a Founding Titan) is not of royal blood, he is not obligated to follow King Fritz’s vision. As a result, Tybur labels Eren as a “threat to the peace” and highlights how dangerous the protagonist is. In the dungeon, Eren and Reiner continue their discussion and talk about the day Reiner and company broke down walls. Reiner claims that his mission is to retrieve the founding Titan and save the world.


Eren claims that he is just like Reiner and frees Marleyan from any crime. However, Reiner stated that he had a choice: he chose to continue after Marcel’s death because he wanted to be seen as a hero and make Bertolt and Annie move on. It is clear that the guilt for his immediate actions still weighed heavily on Reiner when he asked Eren to kill him. Above, the audience is moved by Tybur’s speech and applauds him when he declares war. At that moment, Eren turned into a titan and moved to rush Tybur. This, of course, begs the question: Is Willy dead?

In the final scene, we see that Tybur is surrounded by blood and Eren. Thus, it seemed that Tybur had perished. First, he now he has no way to protect himself from Eren’s grip, but soon we present our case with relevant scenes from the anime and manga. First of all, it is from the manga that we know that Willy Tybur died and he anticipated this before going on stage. Tybur accepted his fate and it turned out that this was the price he had to pay to declare war on Paradis Island.

Also, Magath warms Tybur about the security risks, but Tybur follows through with his plan. In the anime, there is a scene where Willy sees his family in the belsegerag of the stage and thinks that revealing the truth is his redemption. Although death is a recurring element in anime, not many people can contemplate how they atoned for his life, his sins, and his lies. Obviously, Tybur had accepted what was to come soon, and a large part of him even deemed it necessary for the purpose.

In the end, when Eren turned into a Titan and seemed to be devouring Tybur, he was turned into a terrifying sight. But why did Eren do it? Well, it is evident that the protagonist thinks that Tybur is the War Hammer Titan and by leaving him, Eren immediately gains power. But you are used to manga, you know that is not the case. While we don’t want to spoil any more, we are rushing to one thing: It looks like the battle has just begun.***

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