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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Ending, Explained

Sidat.ID, – Telling you right away that things are heating up on ‘Attack of Titan’ is not an understatement. Hardcore fans have long wondered where Levi’s squad is, and Episode 6 finally gives us some answers. Not only does the narrative feature fast-paced action sequences, but we finally get to see who the War Hammer Titan is. This episode is quite interesting, and if you still have some unanswered questions, we can probably answer them for you.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 recap

Before the big speech (seen in the previous episode), Willy says goodbye to the children and family members. His conversation with Commander Magath, which was presented in retrospect, made it clear that the head of the Tybur family knew that his life was in danger before taking the stage. However, Willy also knows that unless he and the innocent old civilian must die, Marley does not immediately receive everyone’s sympathy. At this point, Eren finally rushed over to Willy, mistaking him for the War Hammer Titan.

However, it is actually Willy’s younger brother who inherits the Titan, and he changes immediately. When Attack Titan and War Hammer Titan fought hard, Magath also prepared a military force. Due to War Hammer Titan’s somewhat unique ability, he was able to produce weapons at will, so he did an instant boost to the Titan’s hardening force, which tore through Attack Titan.

While Falco is missing, Pieck and Porco are finally rescued by the Panzer Unit. Eren seemed to be losing the battle soon as the Marleyan troops also quickly used anti-titan weapons against him. As the War Hammer Titan prepares to deliver the final blow, Mikasa appears and detonates several lightning spears at the nape of the enemy giant. Eren’s other henchmen also join the battlefield.

When the reservists were summoned to the front, Magath immediately stated that they needed to ensure that the War Hammer Titan could accelerate the Titan Attack, as it was the only way to end the conflict. On the battlefield, Eren and Mikasa noticed that the enemy titan was still standing after several ambushes. She then came up with a plan to attack the Titan War Hammer, while on the other side of town, Gabi wanted to join the fight, especially after the deaths of Zofia and Udo.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Ending: Where’s Falco?

Mikasa continues to attack the Warhammer Titan, and in the meantime, Eren notices that, unlike most monsters, the enemy Titan’s body is formed from his legs. he concluded that the user is not on the neck but under the stage. Eren followed him and cut the cable connecting Tybur’s descendants to his Titans. But before he could have it, the Jaw Titan attacked him.

However, thanks to Levi and his sword skills, Eren was saved. After all, Levi deftly sliced ​​through his jaw muscles, rendering Jaw Titan’s abilities useless. In the end, Porco finds himself cornered by Eren’s henchmen, including members of Levi’s squad. Even though Porco seems like he’s over for a while, we still believe there’s hope for him. At first we thought Falco could call for help right away, but it doesn’t make sense as the Marleyan fighters already know where the action is. Where is Falco?

Falco’s presence cannot be confirmed throughout the episode. The last time we saw him, he was in the dungeon with Eren and Reiner. In fact, the dungeon was exactly where Eren turned into a titan and launched the attack in the first place. Since the anime follows the manga so closely, it can be assumed that Reiner also partially transformed into a Titan to protect Falco, who is now seeing many of the horrors of war once again. Based on this assumption, it is possible that Falco was in the same building and saw the entire battle between War Hammer Titan and Attack Titan.

While we don’t want to spoil him, we immediately notice that in the manga, Reiner is injured and seems unable to regenerate. So, most likely, during the events of episode 6, Falco was trying to find someone who could help him and Reiner. However, the pace of season 4 is also very different, so we can only find more information about it in the next episodes.

Does War Hammer Titan give any clues about Annie’s problems?

Throughout the first season, we see Annie crystallize into a very hard substance. It was as if she had been in uncertainty from the moment, and this Titan armor was very similar to the one she was also wrapped in War Hammer Titan. Although Annie is still in Paradis and we don’t know too much about her fate, it seems like an obvious attempt at divination. In the previous episode, Annie’s father even told Reiner’s mother that her Annie would be back soon because she promised to.

Although the armor is quite efficient in saving the people inside from physical harm, we really don’t know how it works or what material it is made of exactly. But one can’t help but feel that the War Hammer Titan’s abilities have implications for the Female Titan as well. After all, these two giants have been inherited by women, this crystallization ability can only be immediately used by them. It could also be the case that these two giants are driven by Eren and her henchmen later in the series. Since season 4 soon solves a lot of problems, this is one of those threads that we hope to explore soon too.***



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