Bárbara de Regil returns to soap operas, very well accompanied!

Sidat.ID, -The beautiful Barbara de Regil has announced her return to soap operas with the actor Guy Ecker.

It was after the leading role of her in the three seasons of Rosario Tijeras, that is, between 2016 and 2019, that the actress left television completely.

Since then, she has continuously shared some of her exercise routines on social media and has enjoyed time with her family.

However, the Mexican was convinced that the time had come to return to soap operas.

Upon his arrival at the Mexico City International Airport, several reporters stationed at the crime scene approached Bárbara de Regil.


“I started the soap operas, then I relaxed. I can’t give more details, it’s strictly forbidden. It’s a comedy, I’m with Guy Ecker and that’s it. So different, they won’t recognize me. His appearance is fresh, natural, peasant, really good “, He said.

The artist also commented that this character is very different from Rosario Tijeras. In this project she will be a woman full of love and happiness.

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For now, the Mexican has only limited himself to revealing that the next telenovela will be accompanied by Guy Ecker from America.

It should be noted that Bárbara de Regil is remembered for her participation in productions such as Bajo el alma, Amorautivo, Secretos de familia and Así en el barrio como en el cielo, among others. ***

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