Battle Season 3 Tokyo Escape, Call of Duty: Mobile Offering

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Sidat.ID, – Prepare yourself for new content and features in the Call of Duty: Mobile update for Garena’s Tokyo Escape! Lots of new free items and fashion updates like the new ‘Oasis’ and ‘Coast’ maps and new characters like Specter, Hidora!

The wait is over! Starting April 15th, the long-awaited theme will be here. The new Tokyo Escape theme takes players into an epic reimagining of one of the most exciting content to date.

There is plenty here for every type of player to enjoy the load of new post-release content that comes for free on Call of Duty Mobile – Garena.

Players enter into a completely new environment as we quickly enter the samurai theme. it includes a new class for battle royale ‘Spotter’ which lets you summon scorestreaks to any target you want.

A new Sword & Stones game mode was added to enhance the overall player experience. It’s a Melee-only mode with Rage buffs and another Multiplayer experience with new Oasis and Coastal thematic maps coming soon.

Expect more to come in the new season as more new items await you in this season. Prepare yourself for more excitement and unforgettable rasmomen with tons of free items like the new PP19 Bizon weapon, new operator skills like Bull Charge and new Overlock benefits.


Start the New Season with a New S3 Battle Pass: ‘Tokyo Escape’!

Get ready to enter the classic samurai theme with the new Call of Duty: Mobile – Battle Pass Season Tokyo Escape Garena. Unlock the season’s Premium Battle Pass and play with epic characters from the iconic Specter, Hidora, Takeo and Zero.

New weapons have been added to accompany you throughout the battle, including the new Epic PP19 Bizon, and 4 other fan favorite weapons such as the Type 25, WXR, RUS-79U, and ASM10! Complete the Premium Battle Pass and get enough CP to get the next one for free!

The new PP19 Bizon is one of the most mobile SMGs with a big magazine and a good fire rate, and it’s available for free! Plus, everyone can get the Skill Operators Bull Charges, with their new ability to hit and run fast on the battlefield!

More updates and optimizations coming to Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena this month! Make sure to log in today to install the latest updates and stay updated with the latest features via our official Facebook page, official Instagram and our official YouTube.

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