Bioshock Will Hold Open-World and Side Quest Content

Sidat.ID, – Although the original developer studio from the Bioshock trilogy is no longer around, the FPS franchise focuses on this narrative aspect and will continue with 2K Games. A fourth game is being developed and a project is being developed by a new studio – Cloud Chamber.

There is no teaser yet about what Bioshock 4 will be like, but from the job vacancies that have just opened, there is a possibility that this game will soon carry an open-world setting filled with side-quest content.

Through job descriptions, precisely in the role of a senior writer, Cloud Chamber wrote that they needed someone who could “make a character-focused and influential story in an open-world setting” and also those who could “brainstorm the content design of the main mission and secondary mission. “

From the job vacancies that are opened, it can also be ascertained that the game will use Unreal Engine 4. The engine from Epic has indeed been the mainstay of this franchise since Unreal Engine 2 was used in the first Bioshock.

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It is possible that the plans carried out by Cloud Chamber will not be realized and drastic changes occur during the development process, but looking at the current large-scale game trend, open-world settings have indeed become the current trend to attract the attention of more gamers. Maybe it is a director that is drastically different from the semi-linear shooter from the previous series, but we’ll see the end result going forward.

Bioshock Infinite is the last series in this franchise which was released in 2013. Irrational Games, the studio of the game trilogy closed in 2017 and creator Ken Levine rebuilt the studio into a small scale called Ghost Story Games.***

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