Boycott Genshin Impact Twitter, Crowded Reasons on Twitter

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Sidat.ID, – The #BoycottGenshin hashtag suddenly appeared in the trending column on Twitter. According to searches, the hashtag #BoycottGenshin originated with Twitter user @kaexiaobf. He attached two photos containing an email list and one photo containing the cause of user protests against Genshin Impact.

“Here is an email template that you can copy and paste to solve the problem, and a real email! The template can be copied and pasted in response, if there is something that needs to be added or is not correct, please let me know! ” write @kaexiaobf.

As an explanation, the user reported that in recent times many fans of the Genshin Impact game have had various problems in the game. The trouble spots being discussed are racism, pedophiles, security issues, content delays.

On racist grounds, users complain that the Genshin Impact game creates enemy characters from the Hilichurl group.

Some users argue that Hilicurl was inspired by certain characteristics of indigenous peoples.

In addition to Hilichurl, fans get many characters in the game whose skin is predominantly recovered. Meanwhile, the black characters are only provided in two characters, he is also seen as an antagonistic character who is cunning and evil.

“This is dangerous for players with darker skin and to create the concept that a dark person is seen as inferior to white,” the card said.


Then the second point is mentioned as the pedophile problem. There is an adult games character who is depicted as being in love with a character named Flora, where he is depicted as a child.

The character’s story was judged by game users as part of promoting pedophilia. They advised the developer to change the story.

The third point is a security problem. Many game users repeatedly request two-factor authentication when logging into Genshin Impact to increase the level of security.

The photo indicates that the lack of authentication runs the risk of being hacked and damaging your accounts. Users do not call MiHoYo as a developer in any way when there is an account hacking action.

The last point to protest is the content push. Many users have complained that Genshin Impact content updates tend to be slow to come out.

MiHoYo has been accused of delaying various updates, such as a new story, map, and characters. The user claims that this action was taken so that the company could make more profit.

Some Genshin Impact users don’t mind these points. Some users use the hashtag #DoBetterMiHoYo in criticism of game developers.***

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