Brave Girls hits No. 1 on the K-Pop 100 with ‘Rollin’

Sidat.ID, – Brave Girls ‘Rollin’ topped the K-Pop 100 charts above IU, who has been dominating at the top for seven weeks. The song is the K-Pop quartet’s first entry on the chart with top streaming and digital sales.

“Rollin” was released on March 7, 2017, but has recently gained popularity, which is attributed to the Korean military force. The song only received huge success when it was released until the YouTube compilation of hilarious comments about the group “Rollin ‘” performing at the military camp began to bring back fond memories of the soldiers.

In this video, the warriors’ enthusiasm for the group is similar to that of BTS’s global fan base, as if they are saying “we are the real ARMY” right away. Funny comments like “play this song during the battle and we will definitely win the war soon”, “this song keeps me working during my ministry” and “one of the duties of new members is to learn this song” added more entertaining elements to watch video.

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The song gained immense popularity among soldiers and even earned the nickname “Millboard (a military acronym and) Song No. 1”. As ex-soldiers remember their favorite song, “Rollin” is beginning to catch the attention of the general public, adding fuel to the song’s explosive popularity. As a result, the song entered the chart on March 13 at No. 21, immediately rose to the final position the following week, and finally reached the top of the chart this week.

Brave Girls is the third South Korean girl group to top the K-Pop 100 after OH MY GIRL and BLACKPINK. Last year, OH MY GIRL’s “Nonstop” ranked No. 1 for a week in May, and BLACKPINK’s “HOW YOU LIKE THAT” stayed at the top for four consecutive weeks in July.


“Rollin” was the second catalog of songs in the country (a song released more than 18 months ago) to top the charts. The one that took the longest to reach the top. In 2020, rapper BLOO’s “DOWNTOWN BABY” reached No. 1 on June 20, which is two and a half years after the first release, while “Rollin” takes four years.

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Fan support goes beyond adding more views to viral videos. The group “We Ride,” which launched last year on August 14, entered this week’s chart at No. 34. Full of attention and love from fans, Brave Girls’ Yujeong gave an immediate special on the television program, saying immediately: “I want to thank all the fans, soldiers, military reserve forces and civil defense forces.”

Brave Girls, which debuted in 2011, have recently considered disbanding due to their continued failure to gain much popularity. Now that they dominate the K-Pop 100 charts, their sweet success story seems even more poignant.

K-Pop 100 measures multi-meter consumption that includes streaming, digital sales, radio and television data to feature the most popular K-Pop songs in South Korea each week.***

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