Can Baizhu be Played? Release date Rumors

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Sidat.ID, – Genshin Impact has been fantastic since its release in September, and the good news is that the release date for update 1.4 is near. While we know there will be a repeat of Venti and the arrival of Rosaria, some people wonder: will Baizhu be played? Here you will find the latest rumors about the Baizhu banner and its possible release date for Genshin Impact.

As for what we can expect in version 1.4, there will be a Windblume Festival to celebrate the beauty of spring, and there will be a new type of story quest that resembles a dating sim. And again, we can finally wear the high heels of everyone’s favorite nun, Rosaria.

While all of the above is undoubtedly interesting, below you will find out whether Baizhu will ever be playable in Genshin Impact.
Will Baizhu be playable in Genshin Impact?

It’s not official that Baizhu can be played on Genshin Impact.

However, it is believed that Baizhu will be playable in Genshin Impact in the future.

The character has appeared in the game as a Rosaria-like NPC, and we now know that the nun in the most provocative clothes of all time is a controllable hero in 1.4.

Before miHoYo officially announces it, Honey Hunter World leaks Rosaria’s abilities.

The ability for Baizhu has not been leaked, but there are hints like a forest essential oil potion.

Genshin Impact Baizhu banner release date

The latest speculation suggests that the release date of the Baizhu banner for Genshin Impact could land during update 1.5.


This means that the release date for the Baizhu banner for Genshin Impact could fall in April or May, depending on whether it’s the first or second.

The character will reportedly be a five-star catalyst, with the same sources suggesting that Shenhe can catch up with him.

All of the above belongs to BaizhuMains on Twitter. They are listing late April / May for their release date, and it would suggest that update 1.5 will be released on April 28th.

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Check the Twitter account for more potential leaks and mining data at pharmacists.

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