Developer Genshin miHoYo, Escaped Murder!

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Sidat.ID, – Developer Genshin miHoYo, Escaped Murder! In the last few days, the news of the angry third Honkai Impact player on myHoYo stimulated the attention of many people.

Especially the global gaming community. Since he couldn’t, the anger of the Chinese players caused miHoYo to be forced to cancel the Honkai Impact 3rd 3rd anniversary event.

After the cancellation, did the Chinese players think angry? The following speculations are drawn from various sources.

miHoYo holds a special event for the global community

Returning at the same time on March 28, 2021, miHoYo held a live broadcast stage to immediately post a special video for the global community. In the video, Honkai Impact shows off their personalities in Bunny Girl clothes, starting with Kiana, Himeko, Fu Hua, Kallen, Yae Sakura, Mei, Seele, Rita, soon Durandal.

The video that is similar to MMD looks as usual with very beautiful images. The video itself was released as a way to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Global Honkai Impact 3rd type.

The special song titled Brillian Bright is the result of miHoYo’s collaboration with Myth & Roid, a band that will soon deliver the opening song for Re: Zero to Overlord.

The developer released the video on YouTube immediately within hours of stirring up controversy after the Chinese gamer was angered by the matter.

The miHoYo video was removed from YouTube immediately, the activity on the global server must be canceled. Not only that, Yae Sakura’s costume also faced modifications.

As Reddity Amped-Up-Archos users reported, Chinese gamers were jealous because they didn’t get the same event as the global server. Some Japanese players also confirmed it.


Data only, the Bunny Girl Tak video appeared in China given the strictness of the existing provisions. Some people claim that what the Honkai Impact personality is trying to do in the video is inappropriate.

Fans angered by the conclusion of sharing negative discussions on Bilibili immediately flooded the miHoYo opinion column with complaints, especially death threats directed at the CEO. Altogether, the situation is more complicated than Zhongli’s previous controversy.

Events obtained by Chinese players are more attractive

After the cancellation, the global community was outraged by the action of the Chinese players. As a form of apology, the Genshin developer miHoYo in conclusion provides 2800 Crystals to all Chinese players.

Global players only get 500 Crystals. Obviously, it’s not fair considering that the event is dedicated to global servers.

You should know that Chinese players have more interesting events than global servers.

The global community promotes miHoYo

After the controversy, some players from Global’s servers shared their suggestions with miHoYo. One of the recommendations is to move the headquarters or miHoYo headquarters from China to Japan.

This issue cannot be separated from the strict regulations of the Chinese government that prohibit various intimate affairs. Not only that, with the HQ moving from miHoYo to Japan, they made the Chinese players no longer pressure them. From some of the problems that exist, it seems that the Chinese players occupy an important position in some of the updates in Honkai immediately Genshin Impact.***

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