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Dragon Raja Game Review: Is It Worth Playing?

Sidat.ID, – Archosaur Games released a game called Dragon Raja in China in July 2019. This game was released worldwide in February 2020. It sounds like an Indian name, so it occurs to me that this is a Made in India game. That is not the case. Archosaur Games is a Chinese company. Dragon Raja is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The game is making a great debut on Android and iOS devices. Let’s take a closer look at this game today. Let’s take a look at the plot, trailer, and a few other extras.

Speaking of history, this game is actually based on the novel series of the same name. This game is an open world RPG. You can do many things in this game such as: B. build your dream house, make friends all over the world, find your soul mate (in game) and build your dream world, etc.

Game Features

We are talking about what you can do in this game, so there is a lot to talk about. You can create your own character from scratch. You can customize it in every possible way. We talk about clothes and accessories, then there are sets of clothes instead of one piece. So if you want to dress up, you need to choose the full set. As you can see in the trailer shown above, the coverage of the plot is very great. You can fight dragons as an old man or build a futuristic city years before current technology.

All the new characters initially wear nice coats to combat the cold. The starting area is a small school in the middle of the forest. After some simple missions, you will learn about the characters, some basic attacks, and instructions on how to play the class. The game applied the basics very well. Learning the basics is great, but making your game stand out from the crowd is the cornerstone of becoming a top seller.

The battles in this game are remarkable. The combo moves are very powerful, which is very useful for defeating the final boss and a group of opponents. You can build your own army by recruiting friends who will be useful to you in battle.

There are different kinds of characters. At the moment there is Chamire in eighth grade, if I am not mistaken. You are a sword master, soul dancer, gunman, assassin, fighter, reaper, puppeteer, and phantom sound. Each class has its own abilities and characteristics. The sword master is excellent with swords and melee attacks, while the soul dancer is an excellent healer. Phantom Sound is the most recent entry in the class list. His attack specialty is sound. Yes, this character skillfully attacks with different frequencies of sound, which can have a great impact on the enemy.

Current Update

So far we’ve talked about what’s in the game from the beginning. That is the basis of this game. Now let’s see the latest update of the game and what it brings. Lately we’re referring to something much faster than 2019 and early 2020. So if you’ve never played this game, this piece is over your head. But if you play this game, you will know what I am talking about.

There is a new feature called Grand Wedding. You have found your partner in the game and you want to take the next step, which is to get married, then this role is for you. You can have a great wedding with your partner and invite your friends to the game. . The cost of the marriage is 520 diamonds. All your friends who attend your wedding will receive rewards such as extra EXP, evolution stones, color cards, etc.

Players who have reached level 100 will have access to the Weapons of Sins. The weapons of sin were extremely powerful weapons, and only the best and most powerful could use them. The player can choose one of the weapons of sin and gain the power of power from it. The higher your level, the stronger the skill becomes. You will learn the right time to use this skill in combat so that this weapon can work wonders.

A new pedigree system has been added in the pet expert area. Now you can check your pet’s data through Pedigree. You can find out the color, race, owner details, parents details, etc. There is a new way to get additional anecdotes with the Cage Bird event. A girl gets lost in Tokyo on her way home and you can go back to her house. The game gives you 10 anecdote points.


There are many great MMORPGs in the mobile game industry such as Black Desert Mobile, Runescape Mobile, and many more. As mentioned above, Dragon Raja did its best to get the basics right and it’s fun to play. You can easily get lost in the game. You are a fan of MMORPGs, but this is not the best game out there. This is an above average game. With a 4.1 rating and over 1 million downloads, Dragon Raja is a game for you to try. He likes it very well; no, then of course you can move on to the next MMORPG.***



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