Early 2021 Is it an Investment Year? Things to Remember!

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Sidat.ID, – Countries around the world are embarking on efforts to recover from the economic devastation caused by Corona. By restructuring the industrial, financial and investment sectors, investors can make the most of this time. Until now, investors have been able to invest long-term and achieve higher returns. The world’s largest entrepreneurs buy stocks at the lowest long-term prices, with the highest returns.

However, long-term investment returns in India have declined since the 2009 global economic crisis. Inventory growth, which grew from May 2009 to 2020, outpaced equities by an average of 2.6 percent. However, over the years, in 2020, the value of the shares will increase to 11%, compared to 11% growth. While share value growth is sometimes unpredictable in long-term investments, it can only have a short-term impact. So since sustainable growth is only possible in the long term, it is better to invest only in valuable stocks.

Why is this the best time to invest?

First, valued stocks tend to perform very high only during periods of strong economic growth. Once vaccines are fully operational, last year’s global recession is expected to return to normal soon. Therefore, the central government planning to restore the economy is aimed at focusing on increasing GDP. Therefore, additional incentives will be provided to the private sector. In addition, experts believe that loans will increase.

Second, measures taken to increase inflation expectations will benefit value-added investments. This is because they represent the majority of cyclical sectors, such as financial and commodity-related sectors. Inflation in India is 4 percent higher than last year. From this point of view, one of the positives is increasing the comparative performance of valuable stocks in 2020.


Third, the return on investment in bonds has returned to a certain level due to a larger fiscal deficit and some liquidity measures from the Reserve Bank. The dates show that with an increase in investment in the document, the economy is moving towards a growth stage. However, experts say the federal government is unlikely to increase bond yields to support growth in the US economy and global central banks.

Fourth, the federal government is taking steps to increase it, as the current situation supports the value sector.

Fifth, the federal government focuses on efforts to maintain investor confidence and position. In particular, investor reviews of value-added stocks have yielded overall results. By 2020, stocks and mutual funds will attract an investment of $ 62 billion. Given this, the investor’s mindset suggests that the stock has moved into the stock, which is likely to continue rising.***

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