Elliot Page’s New Style as Transgender on the Cover of TIME

Sidat.ID, – The Umbrella Academy star, Ellen Page, who has now changed his identity to Elliot Page, appears with a new style. His appearance was immortalized on the cover of TIME magazine.

Elliot Page revealed his current self in an interview at the magazine. she shared how she felt when she announced she was transgender in late December last year.

“I anticipate the response I will receive. There is a lot of support and love. On the other hand, there is a large amount of hatred and transcription I receive,” said Elliot Page in the interview.

TIME said that Elliot Page’s declaration of being transgender made him one of the most famous trans figures in the world. The topic about him is trending in social media.

Elliot Page is now trying to fight for transgender equality through his new identity.

“This is who I am completely,” said Elliot Page, who now appears with a short haircut.

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Elliot Page revealed his name change on December 1, 2020. Through his Twitter account, he informed his followers that he is currently transgender.

Before announcing his new identity in December 2020, the Juno star asked the public to refer to him with the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘they’. One month later, Elliot Page appeared again and uploaded his first photo after the confession.

Elliot Page’s post at that time received a positive response from fans and a number of public figures. Kate Mara until James Gunn seemed to like her posts, while Jennifer Garner gave supportive comments.

“My name is now Elliot. I feel fortunate to write this, to be here. To have arrived at this place in my life. I feel grateful for the wonderful people who have supported me throughout this journey,” he wrote in his announcement. convey. ***

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