Fernando Noriega Replaces Gonzalo Peña in “¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?”

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Sidat.ID, – After being fired from the project and accused of being involved in an alleged sexual abuse of the host Daniela Berriel, the actor Gonzalo Peña has been replaced from ¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?, A production of Juan Osorio, now one month old. In the air.

Fernando Noriega immediately became the actor who immediately replaced the accused; This was announced by the production at a press conference, from the Televisa forum.

“I am full of emotions. Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope to do my best. Thank God for being with you and starting to work! to carry out this project immediately.

We have made the forced parade, read all the chapters, I have seen them on the air, and I have known them (the cast) a lot, ”Noriega said at a conference.

Peña is now on the run after an arrest warrant was issued against him last week.

It is speculated that the accused, who if convicted of a crime could spend between 12 and 24 years in prison, resided in his country of origin, Spain; Interpol support was immediately asked to find him.

Faced with reality, the production has remained silent.

Noriega, on the other hand, was greeted by all the players with applause, followed by words of support.

The native Guanajuato immediately played Mariano, Luz’s son (Diana Bracho) who doesn’t have a good relationship with her family.

A character transition occurs immediately after the marriage between Constanza (Paulina Matos) and Mariano (Gonzalo, initially and then Noriega).


One got married and the other actor went on his honeymoon, says Osorio; this is done immediately in the first week of April.

“Of all the material that I have reviewed and seen, Mariano is a very complex character, a victim of several difficult situations.

“I like to see this duality, children who look like mom or dad and this character is crushing the emotions that he has from his mother, but in the end he is the human who understands it,” said the actor.

With tears in his eyes, Noriega dedicated this project to his father José María Noriega, who died two years ago.

“Today, two years ago, now my father is flying high. My family is reunited now, I can’t be there, but I know that my father was immediately very proud to know that he was here to work, ”said the actor.

This is Noriega’s first television project after participating in soap operas such as Amor en Custodia (2005), Se Busca Un Hombre (2007), for Tv Azteca, series such as El Chema (2016-2017) and El Señor de los Cielos ( 2017-2019)), as well as theater.

“This soap opera made me step on something that I dreamed was a great project. “It really motivates me to get involved so much that I like this company that cares about the community, that’s what pushed me to accept, as well as the players and work with Juan,” he said.***

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