Full Battle video of Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

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Sidat.ID, – Watch a video clip of the Jake Paul vs. Askren above, courtesy of ESPN and Triller Fight Club.

Jake Paul vs. Askren takes place April 17 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Jake Paul (3-0) and Ben Askren (0-1) collided in a cruise-class contest in the main event of the night, which was broadcast live on FITE pay-per-view TV. See more featured videos below.

Round 1: Askren rushes forward, but Paul ties him up. He keeps his hands up and the gloves spread over Paul’s face. Paul backs it up with 1-2. Paul wants to train the body. He prodded Askren and then turned his head. Big right hand lands for Paul! Askren hits the rug hard, but seems to be on his way back. The referee took it from him! This one is over!

Askren was unhappy with the firing. A boisterous celebration of Paul and his team.


Jake Paul vs. Askren On Tweet: Professionals React To Ben Askren’s Knockout By Jake Paul

In the run-up to the Jake Paul-Ben Askren boxing match, fans really don’t know what to expect between the ropes of the square circle.

But after hours of musical action and undercard fights, the show lasted less than a round when YouTube star Paul hit former MMA champion Askren on his butt with a wild right hand, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Check out the wrestlers’ reactions to the all-night action in Atlanta below. ***

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