Genshin Impact “Childe” Character, this is his ability

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Sidat.ID, – After hosting the Windblume Festival event in mid-March, Mihoyo brought a series of the latest events from the Genshin Impact game. In welcoming this event, Mihoyo introduced a new character, Tartaglia “Childe”.

Childe himself is a five-star character with elements of a water hero (Hydro). Referring to the history of the game, Childe is the eleventh member of Fatui Harbinger, an organization run by Archon Cryo called Tsaritsa.

As a member of the Fatui Harbinger, Childe has mastered martial arts techniques. He can use three weapons at once, namely the bow, the polearm, and the sword.

Thanks to this ability, Childe can be categorized as a unique character. Players can play Childe in two modes at once, including Ranged Stance and Melee Stance.

In ranged position, Childe can launch ranged attacks using a bow. In contrast, in ranged melee mode, players using the Childe character can use swords and polearms for close combat.

To enter ranged melee mode, players must first activate elemental abilities. It should be noted that the ranged melee mode can only be activated for a certain period of time.

When that time is up, Childe will automatically re-enter remote position mode. Because he is designed to fight in two different modes, Childe can launch elemental blast attacks in two different modes.

Until April 27, players have a chance to earn Childe through the Snezhnaya’s Farewell gacha banner located in the gacha menu.

Like the gacha above, players have a 50 percent chance of being able to get Childe, while the other 50 percent get another five-star character. If you’re unlucky, you can get Childe after doing 90 gacha times automatically.

In addition to Childe, players have the opportunity to obtain other four-star characters, such as Fischl (Electro), Barbara (Hydro), and a new four-star character named Rosaria (Cryo).



According to Mihoyo, Banner Genshin Impact Childe has a release date scheduled for Tuesday, April 3 (April 4 for some players due to time zone).

The show includes Rosaria, so players can expect the new Cryo characters to be available the same day.

A message from Mihoyo added: “During this event, the 4-star characters” Thorny Benevolence “Rosaria (Cryo),” Shining Idol “Barbara (Hydro) and” Prinzessin der Verurteilung! “Fischl (Electro) will get a huge drop rate increase!

“During this show of hope, the show’s exclusive 5-star character” Childe “Tartaglia (Hydro) will have a huge spike in drop rate.

“After this wish show ends, the 4-star character” Thorny Benevolence “Rosaria (Cryo) will be added to the standard wish” Wanderlust Prayer “in version 1.5. From the above characters, the special event characters will not be added to Standard Wish. “

The release time for Genshin Impact Childe Banner was set for 6 pm on April 3; however, it is unclear what time zone was set, and for some it may be the initial release on April 4.

Event Wishful Drop

In addition to new characters and weapons, Mihoyo added a number of new gameplay items to enhance the player’s gaming experience. Genshin Impact will have a new event called Wishful Drop.

Through this event, players have the opportunity to capture various aquatic creatures and directly fight a Hydro elemental boss named Rhodeia.

After participating in the event, players can win various attractive prizes, such as Primogems, Heart of Spring items, for a new pet named Endora. The Wishful Drop event will begin April 9-16.***

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