Genshin Impact Eula Gameplay Leaks, New Character Ability of Genshin Impact

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Sidat.ID, – Players haven’t had time to enjoy v1.4, now the details of Genshin Impact v1.5 have come out. More recently, Eula Genshin Impact’s leaked game has been circulating through many internet outlets. This character is a 5-star character that will later be released for Genshin Impact v1.5.

Recently, the gameplay of the Genshin Impact character has started to spread on the internet. What will the gameplay be like?

Eula Genshin Impact Gameplay Leaks

According to available information, Eula is a Claymore user with Cryo vision. Her normal attack looks different from some Claymore users like Diluc, Razor, Chongyun, Noelle, Beidou, and Xinyan. However, there appear to be some similarities between Eula and Diluc’s basic attacks.

Meanwhile, Eula’s charged attack is the same as Diluc and Beidou’s. If you look around, Elemental Skill Eula is similar to Chongyun, but it has a difference. We are not shown what the Elemental Blast of him looks like.

At this time, there is no further information on Eula’s gameplay. The reason is that the leakers have a hard time sharing information about the Genshin Impact leak considering that miHoYo is very strict about its content. So, don’t forget to keep updating Genshin Impact development.

About the Eula Genshin Imapact

According to the information that has been circulating, Eula is the Captain of the Favonius Knights Reconnaissance Company. Eula has the appearance of light blue hair and black dyed clothes. He is a Cryo-sighted Claymore user who comes from Mondstadt.

Other information available about this character is that C2 Eula allows to reduce the cooldown of the elemental ability that only lasts 4 seconds from the previous 10 seconds. Meanwhile, Eula’s C1 increases Physical DAMAGE by 30% for 6 seconds.

For C3, he increases Glacial Illumination skill by 3 levels. Eula’s C4 increased Lightfall Swords DMG by 25%. C5 Eula increases the Icetide Vortex level by 3 levels and C6 increases the energy recharge after casting Elemental Skills and Burst.

When he is pressed, Eula attacks with her Claymore and hits Cryo DMG. And produce a Grimheart that can increase Eula’s resistance to interrupts and DEF. Every 3 seconds.


If held up, Eula performs a forward attack on AoE Cryo DMG. And passed the Grimheart that he had gathered.

Each Grimheart spawns Icewhirl and grants Cryo DMG to nearby enemies and reduces the opponent’s physical RES and Cryo RES.

Elemental Blast – Glacial Illumination

Eula’s Elemental Burst grants Cryo DMG to nearby enemies and summons Lightfall Swords around Eula.

During normal attacks, Eula’s enemy’s charged attacks and elemental abilities receive a stack of Lightfall Sword and increase every 0.1 second.

After Elemental Burst’s duration expired, the Lightfall Sword exploded, dealing PHYSICAL DAMAGE to enemies near Eula.

The generated DMG is based on the stack of Lightfall Swords that have been collected. If Eula died or was replaced by another character, the Lightfall Sword would immediately explode.

Those are some details about Eula’s leaked gameplay. You should stress that this information is still a rumor. the truth remains questionable. She better wait for the official information from myHoYo on whether it’s all true. ***

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