Genshin Impact PlayStation 5, Zhongli and Xiao the Most Popular Characters

Sidat.ID, – Genshin Impact is ready to visit PlayStation 5 and Zhongli and Xiao are the most popular characters. Judging by the release date, which is September 28, 2020, the anime RPG Genshin Impact has become an interesting phenomenon among gamers, both console, PC and mobile device owners. Especially with the cross-platform cross-play feature, which is quite rare in games today.

Now the game can be enjoyed on Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, this did not happen on the PlayStation 5, which was only based on backward compatibility or the ability to play games on the next generation. of previous consoles.

MiHoYo who knows this seems to understand that they have to release a new version of the game for the PlayStation 5. Of course, with the support of the technology that has the newest Sony console.

miHoYo explained that the PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact is scheduled to be released in the near future. This version will support a variety of technologies, such as better images, support for 4K resolution, and of course much faster loading.

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MiHoYo has not announced when the PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact will be released. They are still reluctant to give the exact year. But they promised to do it as soon as possible.

Zhongli and Xiao become Genshin Impact’s most popular characters

The elements of anime that are well known to many people seem to be one of the main draws for everyone to enjoy something they do not know well. One of them is video games.


This is evidenced by the popularity of Genshin Impact since its launch last year. Even though it is made with anime which is the mecca, this does not make anime lovers not to play it. Actually, they are interested in its existence and also flood the game.

Its popularity is, of course, a windfall for miHoYo as a developer and publisher. With the launch of the sensor tower, miHoYo has successfully made more than $ 1 billion in revenue from the mobile version of Genshin Impact. Curiously? They did it in less than six months.

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Sensor Tower says that Zhongli and Xiao are the two most popular characters of all. Zhongli alone made $ 15.5 million, while those who did Gacha Xiao contributed a total of around $ 15.1 million.

His popularity was followed by the beautiful Ganyu with a profit of $ 14.8 million and Hu Tao, who just came out with a profit of $ 12.9 million. Albedo himself had to give up with just $ 9.1 million.

Of course, this data does not include the PC or PS4 / PS5 versions. But only the mobile has reached more than one billion, the results will be even more fantastic, this income is combined with other platforms.***

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