Godzilla Singular Point Anime, Launching on Netflix in June

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Sidat.ID, – Show off the new trailer, the Godzilla Singular Point anime will air in June on Netflix, Not live-action, the Godzilla Singular Point anime will finally air outside of Japan in June. For you fans of the giant monster “Anime Godzilla”, you can watch Godzilla Turning Point on Netflix next June.

Already satisfied with the big screen film Godzilla vs. Kong? Still want to see the other side of the legendary monster “Anime Godzilla”?

In two months, Godzilla will rampage in his anime series titled Godzilla Singular Point. Right next June, Godzilla Singular Point will make its debut via the Netflix streaming service.

Welcoming the anime Godzilla Turning Point on Netflix, a new trailer was also shown. You can see it below.

This 2-minute trailer shows how the giant monster rampages and destroys the city. Not only Godzilla, you can also see several other monsters that helped destroy the city.


Mei Kamino and Yun Arikawa and their friends immediately started their story to protect the city from monster attacks. With the help of technology, they also created robots to defeat monsters.

Quoting from AnimeNewsNetwork, previously, the anime Godzilla Singular Point has aired on Japanese television channels as of April 1. Even Netflix Japan first aired the anime since March 25.

Now is the time for Godzilla fans around the world to see the new anime series via Netflix next June. Will air on Netflix in the Indonesian region, the anime Godzilla Singular Point will be available in the Indo sub option.***

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