Higehiro Anime Season 1 Episode 1, “The Teenage Girl Beneath the Lamplight”

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Sidat.ID, – ‘Higehiro’, which takes the popular name ‘Higehiro: After being rejected, I shaved and drank in a runaway high school’ is a series of Japanese novels originally written and created by Kakuyomu.

Posted by Kadokawa Shoten. In November 2018, ‘Higehiro’ had his own manga comic adaptation. On December 26, 2019, it was reported that this Japanese novel series has a better anime adaptation.

Directed by Manabu Kamikita, the first episode of ‘Higehiro’ premiered on April 5, 2021 and was titled “The Teenager Under the Light of the Lamp.” This romantic comedy airs on channels such as Tokyo MX, AT – X, BS11, and other online platforms.

The opening theme for ‘Higehiro’ is “Omoide Shiritori”. It was carried by Dialogue +, while the ending theme was called “Plastic Smile” and was performed by Kaori Ishihara.

The official trailer for season 1 of ‘Higehiro’.

What is the main plot of ‘Higehiro’, season 1?

Yoshida used to work in an office. Being a twenty-six year old man, he has a lot of love and relationships. Even so, he still couldn’t forget a woman who was engaged to another man for more than five years.

When sad emotions washed over him, Yoshida decided to go out one night and get really drunk. On the way home, he met a young woman named Sayu Ogiwara. I am a high school girl with nowhere to go. she sits alone in the street, in the middle of the night.

Sayu Ogiwara has been alone for about six full months. it was evident that she was still a minor and she sold herself and her body to men in exchange for shelter and man for darkness.

Not knowing that Sayu could be called homeless, Yoshida asked her to return home out of concern. On the other hand, Sayu responded by flirting even more, showing her wealth.

Yoshida wasn’t interested at all, but he felt sorry for the girl and helped her by letting her stay where she was. As income, she had to cook and clean for him. This strange living system had somehow managed to work very well for the two of them.


‘Higehiro’ Season One, Episode 1 – Review.

The story of ‘Higehiro’ plays around imprecise borders but doesn’t quite cross them. A grown man had accepted a girl who was not yet eighteen! This anime series shows how innocence is lost due to serious mistakes and decisions a child makes.

We don’t always find men like Yoshida, who are genuinely kind and pure-hearted people. he did not take advantage of Sayu’s innocence while she was under the influence of alcohol, nor did she attempt dirty tricks when she was sober. ‘Higehiro’ highlights that there are many men who literally take advantage of underage girls.

When the two characters meet for the first time, he portrays Yoshida’s important qualities. he continues to reject Sayu’s sexual offers. he even wanted to take her to the police, but Sayu was not recognized by her family and she was tortured so she had to flee.

So, Yoshida took on the responsibility of caring for her as her guardian until she was old enough to support herself. As the episode progresses and we see the start of a new day, it is clear that Yoshida has no romantic or sexual feelings for Sayu.

Instead, she gives off a nervous or brotherly vibe when she’s around him. On the other hand, Sayu considers Yoshida as her client and wants to give him her body as a token of appreciation for letting her stay at home.

Sayu was still used to the fact that she only needed to cook and clean for Yoshida, and she gave him shelter and clothing to wear. she even said to buy her a bed. The episode ends on a positive note, the audience is well aware that Sayu is now in a sheltered environment.

The audience saw him laugh and express happiness showing that she had been caught off guard for the first time in a long time. An interesting and challenging story is guaranteed to await us!

When was ‘Higehiro’ season 1 episode 2 released and where can you watch it?

The second episode of ‘Higehiro’ is titled “Cell Phone” and will air on April 12, Monday, 2021. The producers of the anime series have not said anything about the schedule for the show’s episodes.

You can watch ‘Higehiro’ Season 1 Episode 2 on an online platform called Crunchyroll once released!***

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