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Investment Trends in 2021. Which is the most profitable?

Sidat.ID, – At the beginning of the year, there are usually many trends that appear for the next year, from fashion trends, hairstyles, food, to investment trends.

Some people take investing as a resolution in the new year. Several investment-related questions also arise, ranging from investment instruments, size of risks faced, etc. This is reasonable because the purpose of investing is to make a profit in the future. Out of the many investment options, here are the investment options that are expected to generate returns in 2021.

  1. Actions

Stocks are considered a profitable investment instrument and provide the highest return compared to other investments in 2021. Even so, this fantastic opportunity is proportional to the risk obtained, or what is called high risk high return.

Therefore, before deciding to invest in stocks, make sure you have a basic understanding of the capital market, including choosing a quality and reputable broker.

You must apply your own strategy before investing in stocks. For example, focusing on top-line stocks that have measurable risks and more stable returns.

  1. Property

Investments in properties such as houses, apartments or other residences remain a traditional alternative asset that is projected to be in demand in 2021. In addition to investing personally, you can form partnerships with investors whose goal is to buy and manage properties together.

  1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency or digital currency is still a relatively new asset, but it can be an alternative to investing in stocks. One that is growing rapidly is Bitcoin, as reported by detik, on Friday (8/1), the price of 1 Bitcoin reached 562 million IDR.

  1. Collective financing of shares

The next investment trend that is seen as having good opportunities in 2021 is investing in other people’s businesses. As is well known, startups need funds to offer shares of their company on equity crowdfunding websites, such as AngelList, CircleUp, SeedInvest, Wefunder, etc. If you invest in a company through this stock crowdfunding site, you own a part of the company’s business and make a profit if the company is successful.

  1. Mutual funds

For those of you who are beginners but want to invest in the capital market, mutual funds may be an option. Mutual funds emerged as a solution for beginners with little capital but who wanted to invest. Mutual funds are a forum designed to raise funds from people who own the capital.

Subsequently, through an investment manager (IM), the mutual funds will be invested in a promising portfolio of securities.

Investments in mutual funds can even start with a capital of 10,000 IDR. This face value is considered very affordable for the younger generation, so it’s no wonder that mutual funds are a favorite investment among millennials.

  1. Gold

Investing in gold is an investment instrument that has existed since ancient times. The main advantage of this gold investment is that it is relatively stable in price, strong enough to withstand the turmoil of inflation, and of course easy to collect or sell.

Investing in gold is now even easier because it can be done online. This allows anyone to buy and sell gold more effectively and efficiently.

One of the financial institutions that serves the purchase of gold is Pegadaian. At Pegadaian, you can not only buy gold directly, but online. Through the Gold Savings service, you can invest in gold easily and cheaply.

With this service, you can buy gold starting at 0.01 grams, which can be done at Pegadaian outlets, Pegadaian agents, Digital Pegadaian applications in markets that have collaborated with Pegadaian.

Tips for those of you who want to invest in gold, be sure to always look at the gold price development chart so that you can determine when to buy and sell gold. That is an investment that is considered profitable during 2021. When you have decided to put your funds in an investment instrument, what you need to do and understand is focus and commitment to the investment you have selected. Good luck!***



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