Inzaghi Trending on Twitter, Save Song Joong Ki

Sidat.ID, – Korean drama viewers Vincenzo might have laughed if they saw Inzaghi’s name. Because the name Inzaghi is used as the name of the dove in the drama. Inzaghi’s name suddenly became one of the Twitter trends on Sunday (11/4/2021). Inzaghi is being discussed by many people, even now it has become a trending topic on Twitter.

I like their relationship and it’s fun, “@withdramas wrote.” Plot Twist: Inzaghi is the leader of the Mafia Dove, “wrote @fg_elleee. Inzaghi’s name itself is a gift from Vincenzo, whom he recognized the first time the bird touched the bedroom window and disturbed his dream.

The reason is that the pigeon that has been making Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) dizzy, actually acts like a hero in episode 15.

No one expected Vincenzo’s life to be saved thanks to Inzaghi who appeared in a group in episode 15. Inzaghi’s attack and his gang were used by Vincenzo to save himself.

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One of the reasons Inzaghi saved Vincenzo’s life was because he often fed Vincenzo out the window.

One day Vincenzo gave food to the pigeon, Vincenzo warned the bird to one day return the favor.

When Song Joong Ki was nearly killed by a gunshot, it was unexpected that Inzaghi suddenly saved Vincenzo’s life.


Carrying a flock of pigeons, Inzaghi and his friends beat up the man who was about to kill Vincenzo.

If you think about how the development of a hate relationship turned into love on the part of Vincenzo and Inzaghi, how can you not make the audience laugh with the plot of episode 15?

“Inzaghi called other friendly pigeons and they all helped save Vincenzo,” @kdramadump wrote with a crying emoji.

“I forgot, but we all have to give Inzaghi a big credit or we won’t be able to see Vincenzo again,” @winterhyunbin wrote.

“Inzaghi is the hero of tonight’s episode,” wrote @ 94inwoo. “This is very unexpected, Inzaghi and his friends came to the rescue.

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Suddenly drama lover Vincenzo was shocked by this, many fans laughed because the Inzaghi crowd helped him.

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