Japanese Company, Make Monster Hunter Rise Release Date as a Party

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Sidat.ID, – A tech company in Japan called Mark-On Ltd gave all of its employees a vacation on March 26, 2021, along with the launch of Monster Hunter Rise on Switch.

This is done because almost all the employees who work in this company take the same time off. After being tracked down, the employee took a break on March 26 to play Monster Hunter Rise.

As a result, the company made this date an official holiday. The company even wrote a letter with the reasons why it had closed all of its employees on that date.

“A company in Japan offers a holiday for all its employees entitled ‘Monster Hunter Rise Launch Day’ because many company employees plan to take time off that day,” wrote a video game watcher named Stealth.

Monster Hunter Rise itself is a highly anticipated game, especially for fans in Japan. So it’s no wonder that many are willing to take some time off to test the game for the first time on their Switch console.

Monster Hunter Rise’s frame rate is limited

Digital Foundry recently provided an overview of Monster Hunter Rise’s game performance. They mentioned that the game was limited to 30fps when it was tested.

Now Monster Hunter Rise is different from the previous game, Monster Hunter World, which was not limited to 30fps. Although not limited, Monster Hunter World’s frame rate is inconsistent, also known as fluctuating. Although it only works at 30fps, they say that Monster Hunter Rise works without a problem.

“Based on what I play, this is Monster Hunter Rise, which offers the best and most consistent experience I’ve ever had on a mobile console.”


That means Monster Hunter Rise will do better in terms of performance than the previous game. Although it is limited to 30fps, it seems that gamers can enjoy the game without problems.

Perhaps for some hardcore gamers 30fps will feel awkward and want another option. However, it appears that there are no other options for the game.

Monster Hunter Rise has graphic details that are different from Monster Hunter World, which of course makes this game a bit more difficult to run.

Monster Hunter Rise will continue to have a vast world full of monsters, just like the previous game, and of course, players will be able to enjoy this vast world to explore.

Monster Hunter Rise uses a new place called Kamura Village, and tells the story of fifty years after the village was destroyed by large monsters.

Now the player must prevent the same incident from happening again and must save the village from an incident called The Rampage. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 26 and on PC in the first quarter of 2022.***

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