Kazuha Ronin from Inazuma on Genshin Impact 1.5

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Sidat.ID, – Kazuha Ronin Hailing from Inazuma in Genshin Impact 1.5 ,. With the name Kazuha, the leak reveals some of the facts about that personality, including his abilities. Genshin Impact recently revealed a new area in live streaming activities some time later.

The area is called Inazuma, which is where Archon Electro came from. Inazuma himself describes a city that has an obvious Electro element.

Speaking of Inazuma, new news spreads about a personality named Kazuha. Dimbreath’s Twitter account (@dimbreath) again provides a leak on Genshin Impact’s personality.

This time the personality that comes from Inazuma, is Kazuha Ronin. Kazuha himself has the full name of Kaedehara Kazuha. Released from Sportskeeda, Kazuha is a Ronin, a masterless samurai who roams a country without a particular alliance.

With this state, Kazuha can join The Crux under Beidou’s command.

Some of Kazuha’s leaked data tells the details of this personality. Known, Kazuha is Anemo’s 5-star personality.

Kazuha can share the damage along with crowd control with his abilities and skills. For those of you who need a supportive personality type, Kazuha can fill any party slots you make.

The following is a description of the abilities Kazuha Ronin has:


Chiyafuru (elemental skill)

Kazuha threw and threw the opponent up. When he launches after using this ability, Kazuha can perform a swooping attack (Ranran Haishin).

Kazuha’s dive attack distributes anemo damage and creates wind holes that draw in nearby opponents.

Numerous Ittou (Elemental Blast)

Kazuha swung his sword to produce a storm that distributed anemo AoE (Zone of Effect) damage. The storm that comes out after the sword slash from him can absorb hydro / pyro / cryo / electro elements and distribute damage continuously.

Looking at the description of Kazuha’s ability, that personality seems quite attractive. In addition, Kazuha’s ability to share and increase the attack of other elements is very useful when fighting.

Some of this data is still leaked. It won’t shut down, maybe Mihoyo changed some of Kazuha’s skills or abilities when he released it later.

Of course, there has yet to be a match around Kazuha’s casting as the next personality on Genshin Impact.***

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