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Launch of Monster Hunter Rise, the company is giving vacations to its employees!

Sidat.ID, – The release of Monster Hunter Rise will soon be highly anticipated by many players, especially in Japan. This game is one of the players’ favorite RPGs.

This game is a franchise game from a collection of other Monster Hunter games and has invited many players.

Previously, Monster Hunter World was very popular in the market and was on various platforms. Even millions of gamers around the world download the franchise’s downloadable content.

Right now, Monster Hunter Rised was released only on the Nintendo Switch first, because this game is actually sold on the Nintendo console.

Japanese company releases employees at the launch of Monster Hunter Rise!

There is a news spread in the Twitter media that claims that a company in Japan called Mark-On Ltd, closed all its employees on March 26, 2021.

This date is the release date for the Monster Hunter Rise game, and from the posts provided, many of their employees have asked for permission to take time off.

And according to the news circulating, they asked for a day off because they really wanted to spend some time playing the famous monster hunting game.

“A company in Japan gives all employees a day off called ‘Monster Hunter Rise Launch Day’ because many company employees plan to take time off that day,” wrote a video game watcher named Stealth. “

According to the news, this franchise will soon be out on PC and other platforms next year, but it’s still a rumor, yes Spinners!

Those of you who really like this game and don’t have a Nintendo Switch, it seems you still have to be patient! Let the employees in Japan taste it first.***



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