Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz, Rough on a Telenovela Actress

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Sidat.ID, – Fans of the soap opera in the 1990s must be familiar with this beautiful face. Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz (Mario Cimmaro) (50), usually decorates our screen, through the soap opera Barbarita and Cinta Paulina, which at that time were favorite programs. Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz (Mario Cimmaro) fell in love with and married his Barbarita co-star, Natalia Steignard. This marriage ran aground after 6 years. Reportedly strong, Natalia filed for divorce because she was not strong with Mario’s deceptive and violent attitude.

Not only in domestic matters. It turns out that Mario’s negative behavior is well known on the set to the production house that shelters him. Mario likes to complain about his co-stars. Even the actor Luciano Alcantara in Cinta Paulina and Antonio in Barbarita was removed by Televisa from the main role of Mar de Amor on his 39th birthday on June 1, 2010.

Mario Cimarro, Likes the Underlying Soap Opera Actresses

At that moment, Mario got into trouble with two actresses at the same time: Zuria Vega and Ninel Conde. As a companion to the main character, Mario knows for a fact that the kiss scene with Zuria is absolute. But he refuses to kiss Zuria. Zuria was furious that Mario humiliated her in front of a great team.

The case was worse with Ninel. Ninel said Mario often lashed out at him verbally, even brandishing his middle finger. Because Ninel was uncomfortable with the behavior of actress ex-husband Natalia Streignard, she had to postpone the production of 48 scenes.


Based on reports from the two actresses plus Mario’s increasingly outrageous behavior, producer Nathalie Lartilleux had no choice but to terminate Mario’s contract. “He did not come to film on Saturday, he did not come to film on Sunday, although senior actors like Ignacio Tarso came and he ignored this project. There were 40 scenes to work on and I made this decision because lately he came to shoot reluctantly, as a child and I think this decision should be made, ”Nathalie explained at the time.

A year later, when Televisa was recruited again for the telenovela Los Herederos del Monte, Mario rose again in front of his co-star, Marlene Favela. When Marlene was about to slap as the stage demanded, Mario dodged her.

He argued that his contract did not cover violent scenes and that this scene was not present in the original soap opera, Hijos del Monte de Chile. Avoiding a scandal, Marlene simply followed Mario’s wishes. Mario’s behavior, who likes to cause trouble, makes actresses lazy to touch him. In fact, actresses like Aracely Arambula even once rejected the title of a soap opera, knowing that Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz (Mario Cimmaro) was their co-star. Duh, Gusti, how handsome are you? I didn’t expect it, ladies. In the past on soap operas, if you look at the gap it seems cool, how about that?***

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