One Piece 1010 Spoiler, Prometheus Managed to Save Big Mom

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Sidat.ID, – One Piece 1010 is scheduled to be published this weekend. Spoiler for One Piece 1010, released by Kaido, Prometheus saved Big Mom.

One Piece is a popular manga series in Japan and a number of other countries.

Right now the One Piece story is having fun. The reason is, Luffy and his allies are fighting Kaido and Big Mama at Onigashima’s palace.

This week, One Piece will not be taking a break. Citing the Manga Plus site, One Piece 1010 is scheduled to be published on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

Even though it’s been officially published for a few days, One Piece 1010 spoilers are already circulating in cyberspace.

This is a One Piece 1010 spoiler quoted by Mangaphelpers.

One Piece 1010 is titled Haoshoku.

This episode begins with the fall of Big Mom.

Luffy seems to have lost

Kaido attacks Zoro to free Prometheus.

Law and Zoro attacked Kaido. Prometheus will help Big Mom who fell in the sea.

“Our goal is to separate them! Leave him to us !,” said Kid.


Zoro called Killer.

Prometheus saved Big Mom and asked her something.

“This is my limit, if it doesn’t work I’ll leave the rest to you,” said Zoro.

Zoro used Ashura’s attack against Kaido.

“No way, Haoshoku? Enough is enough, Brain Myung Bagua !,” said Kaido.

Luffy recovered and spoke to Kaido.

“When you hit me with your stick, I understood everything! Did you use Haoshoku?” said Luffy.

“Only the strong can do it,” said Kaido.

Kaido fell in Luffy’s attack

“One day and a certain way, you will fall,” said Luffy.

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