One Piece 1011 Spoilers Reddit, and Previous Plot: Luffy VS Kaido

Sidat.ID, – One Piece 1011 Spoilers Reddit provides an overview of the storyline in the latest episode. For those of you who are followers of this anime series, you must be impatient, aren’t you waiting for a new episode? So that curiosity can be answered a little, this time we will discuss the spoilers of the latest episode.

As the manga with the highest number of views, every new episode always has a wide spread of leaks before its official release.

One of them you can see through the Reddit site, there are many leaks that adequately explain the latest storyline.

One Piece 1011 Spoiler Reddit

Reporting from Reddit, in One Piece Chapter 1011 Kid and Killer seem to be beating Big Mom soon. While Luffy immediately fought Kaido alone, this matter became an interesting concern because they immediately pit their respective strengths.

Like Luffy, Sanji immediately confronted Perospero alone.

The battle in Onigashima immediately continues in episode 1011, the pirate team with the Straw Hat immediately continues to fight against Kaido and his minions.

All pirate members fight their enemies individually. Sanji immediately took on Big Mom’s fleet, putting all his might.

Spoilers about Law who brought Roro to treat his broken bones have started circulating. Before fighting Kaido alone, Luffy reportedly had a nightmare first in the fight.

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Storyline in Previous Episodes

In the previous episode, Big Mom experienced the fall of Onigashima and tried to ask anyone for help.

He asked Zeus and Prometheus for help so he wouldn’t fall, but unfortunately Zeus was still trapped. The trap was made with D Law’s Trafalgar move, by making a trap box.

Roronoa Zoro is still trying to fight Prometheus while enduring the pain, so he can’t save Big Mom.

Eustass Kid thought that Zoro’s bones were broken, when he resisted attacks from Big Mom and Kaido simultaneously.

In the midst of this resistance, Kaido tried to fight Zoro so that Prometheus could escape and save Big Mom.

Luck of Trafalgar D Law

Luckily, Trafalgar D Law managed to take Zoro’s position at the right time to fight Kaido. Unfortunately, Kaido managed to throw him as far as possible, so Prometheus Napoleon managed to escape and immediately tried to help Big Mom.

This made Roronoa Zoro annoyed with Trafalgar D Law, because he took his position and was knocked down by Kaido.

Even so, Trafalgar D Law replied that no one should die just for attacking Big Mom’s fleet.

Likewise with Eustass Kid, who said that their mission was successful because they separated Big Mom and Kaido.

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He and Killer immediately checked Big Mom’s place, who had survived.


But at that time the condition of the sky suddenly changed, all because of Big Mom and Prometheus.

In this condition, Kaido immediately attacked Luffy who was still limp and his eyes continued to glare at him.

Suddenly Roronoa Zoro immediately restrained him by exerting his remaining strength, and handed it over to Trafalgar D Law.

Roronoa Zoro took out the Ashura move, but it only made Kaido injured and didn’t fall.

Kaido was annoyed because he received permanent injuries, and was surprised to find that Roronoa Zoro had haoshoku haki. Kaido is of course trying to fight Zoro back, while looking at Law who is already preparing to swap Zoro’s position.

But unfortunately Law and Zoro collapsed due to being attacked simultaneously. Seeing his three enemies lying limp, Kaido also said that if Luffy’s fleet joins him, then together they can conquer the world.

But suddenly Luffy managed to get up while saying, “there’s no way I could do that stupid!”.

Luffy finally realized why he fell on his head, it’s because Kaido has haoshoku haki on his punch.

Finally Luffy can withstand Kaido’s next attack, without touching the opponent’s weapon. Luffy’s attack made Trafalgar D Law surprised when he saw him, finally Luffy ordered Law and Zoro to immediately leave the peak of Onigashima.

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Monkey D Luffy intends to fight Kaido alone, the fierce 1 on 1 fight will soon air in episode 1011.

When will One Piece 1011 be released?

There will soon be a lot of fierce battles in episode 1011, as Marco immediately continues fighting King. So with Tony Chopper who immediately fought Queen.

You can see all of that in episode 1011 of One Piece. Reddit only briefly describes the spoilers, so that the audience can play with their imagination to guess the next plot.

All members of Luffy have done their best to fight. Likewise with Luffy, who managed to come up with a new strategy to attack Kaido.

Will the fight soon end in victory? We’ll see when the official release of episode 1011, the audience will immediately be curious about who the winner is.

The audience certainly gives great hope to Monkey D Luffy, especially since he managed to launch two attacks on Kaido without touching him. This happened because of his new attack strategy.

Some sources say, that Sanji is not alone against Big Mom, he immediately gets help from Kid and Killer. For those of you who can’t wait for episode 1011 One Piece, don’t worry because they will be released this week. Precisely on Sunday, April 25, 2021, you can legally watch it on the MangaPlus site.***

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