One Piece 1015 Manga Spoiler, Mysterious Figure and Sanji’s Battle

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Sidat.ID, – One Piece manga 1015 is known to be released on June 6, 2021. Fans are very enthusiastic to know the continuation of Luffy’s fate, which is known to have lost against Kaido.

This chapter will tell about Sanji’s fight against Queen. This fight was fierce after Chopper was overwhelmed against Queen. On the other hand, a mysterious figure comes to Luffy’s rescue. Who is this mysterious figure? Read more below.

It was known that Luffy’s defeat against Kaido had been announced through Bao Huang, suddenly the announcement made the Straw Hat crew’s mentality fall even further.

Chopper who was fighting against Queen immediately cried and shouted after hearing Luffy’s defeat. He then instantly lost his fighting spirit.

This causes Queen to easily attack Chopper. Queen attacked him with a bite and appeared to be pulling machine fangs from his mouth. With confidence, he was ready to slaughter Chopper.

However, when the attack took place, Sanji then appeared. He appeared holding Zoro who was already bleeding. Sanji blocked Queen’s attack and immediately hit him with his signature power, Diable Jambe. He then scolded Chopper who was seen crying hysterically knowing Luffy had lost. Sanji still believes that there will be a miracle and tells Chopper to go and take care of Zoro.


The place was only left Sanji and Queen. The two of them then fought fiercely with each other. Sanji is seen trying to turn things around. He then threw a barrage of attacks at Queen.

However, in the middle of the battle, Queen discusses Sanji’s family. It is possible that in the latest chapter new facts will be revealed regarding Queen’s relationship with Sanji’s family, Vinsmoke Judge.

It is known that there will be a mysterious figure who will save Luffy. The figure was neither a legend nor a great beast.

This figure is depicted with a sillhoutte and saves Luffy who is at sea in an unconscious state. He is the crew of Trafalgar Law who raised Luffy using their submarine.

This is known to Momonosuke. He then informed the rest of the Straw Hat crew and alliance that Luffy was still alive and begged them not to lose heart and continue fighting to the death.***

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