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Sidat.ID, – Chapter 1.015 of One Piece Manga with Indonesian subtitles can be read legally and for free on MangaPlus starting Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 23.00 WIB. In this latest chapter of OP, will Yamato replace Luffy in fighting Kaido while revealing the past between himself and his father?

In One Piece Chapter 1.014 “Jinsei no Daikon Yakusha”, along with Luffy’s fall from the top of the Skull Dome Onigashima into the open sea, Kaido said the way the Straw Hats captain used haoshoku haki was still lame.

Luffy has just discovered the formula for coating attacks with haoshoku since Zoro can injure Kaido. But, on the other hand, Luffy is a fast learner. This can be seen from his battle with Charlotte Katakuri on Whole Cake Island.

At first, Luffy was only limited to mastering kenbunshoku haki. However, after fighting Katakuri who was skilled in kenbunshoku so that he could see the future within moments, Luffy was able to do the same with the Sweet Commander of the Big Mom Pirates. Luffy can even overthrow Katakuri.

Luffy’s fall into the ocean definitely doesn’t mean the Straw Hat captain has fallen. However, this is part of the plot considering that many parties are intent on defeating Kaido. Previously, Kaido had shown his prowess in destroying the Akazaya Nine, who had a grudge for the death of Kozuki Oden.

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After Luffy passed out, Kaido in Chapter 1.014 then tried to finish off Kozuki Momonosuke as soon as possible. It was here that he was reunited with Kin’emon. As a loyal follower of Oden and captain of the Akazaya Nine, Kin’emon is willing to be a martyr to hold Kaido down while asking Shinobu to run away with Momo.

Kin’emon was beaten by Kaido with a canobo. If you see Kin’emon’s intention to die in Onigashima, he and the other Akazaya Nine seem to be able to kill one by one by the Yonko.

However, if Kin’emon and company sacrificed their lives before dawn actually arrived at Wa no Kuni, or before Kaido fell, then they could not fulfill the last wish Oden had imposed on this group. What else if not opening the borders of the State of Wa.

While Luffy is missing from the fight, this plot will help the crew of the Straw Hats get the ideal portion of attention for their battles. For example, Nico Robin who had a duel with Black Maria. In this duel, the possible location of the road poneglyphs in the State of Wa will be revealed.

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Franky who faced Sasaki didn’t seem to just produce a physical battle to determine who was the strongest. While in Dressrosa, Franky meets Senor Pink who has a dark past with his wife. This time Sasaki may have another story, for example, related to his identity as a fishman and his resemblance to Grandma Kokoro.


With Chopper’s position against Queen, sooner or later the Straw Hats’ doctor will lose. Chopper’s intelligence will not be enough to overcome the power of Queen whose position is one of the okanban of the Beasts Pirates. Ideally, Queen will face off against either Sanji or Zoro.

If you see Queen is the inventor of the virus and he has a special affinity with Vinsmoke Judge (Jajji), then his ideal opponent is Sanji. Meanwhile, Zoro, who is currently still bandaged, can help Chopper in his final battle at Wa no Kuni, either against King or against other characters.

Another thing that is no less important is who prevented Kaido from killing Momonosuke in Luffy’s absence. The Akazaya Nine wouldn’t be able to stand up to the Yonko enough. The ideal figure is none other than Yamato, who claims to be Kozuki Oden as well as Kaido’s own son.

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Yamato has been living a life full of suffering, not allowed to leave Onigashima by his father. Yamato even saw that Kaido was no longer his father, but a figure who had to be removed.

On the other hand, Kaido certainly didn’t want to make New Onigashima and make Yamato the shogun. Kaido seems all this time trying to do everything that can make Yamato happy, but in a way that is not in line with the child’s expectations.

The Kaido vs Yamato fight will reveal many things, maybe the story of the Yonko’s past when he was in the Rocks Pirates. Maybe also the real reason Kaido kept Yamato in Onigashima. It is not impossible, Kaido’s desire to commit suicide is related to his relationship with his son.

Read One Piece Comic 1.015 Indonesian Translation of One Piece Manga Chapter 1.015 can be legally read in digital format on MangaPlus starting Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 23.00 WIB.

This latest chapter is not only available in English, but can be enjoyed in Spanish and Indonesian translations. On MangaPlus, One Piece is the manga with the most views as of Friday (4/6/2021) with 661,015 views.***

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