One Piece Chapter 1015 Spoiler, Luffy’s Savior and Momo’s Mysterious Voice

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Sidat.ID, – It has finally been revealed, the mysterious figure who saved Luffy from falling after fighting Kaido. One Piece manga spoiler chapter 1015 tells of Luffy who survived, Sanji’s fight against Queen and the beginning of a new chapter of the fight between Yamato and Kaido.

It is known that One Piece Chapter 1015 will be released on June 6, 2021 at 23.00 WIB. One Piece manga is one of the works created by Eiichiro Oda, this manga is currently the most popular with many fans spread across various countries, including Indonesia.

One Piece Chapter 1015 spoiler has been circulating with the title “Chain” the chapter opens with the appearance of Nakama’s face and the alliance who hears about Luffy’s defeat.

Then it was shown Queen mocking Chopper who said that his attack could not hurt Queen Perospero who was there trying to attack Chopper with his weapon, namely a rain of arrows.

After that, Sanji came and kicked Queen using his diable jambe kick. The attack aimed at the Queen, apparently hit Perospero.

Finally, the burden on Sanji, namely Zoro, was handed over to Chopper to be treated. And Sanji and Queen’s battle will begin.

The scene moved to where Momonosuke was, the mysterious whisper that Momonosuke heard turned out to be the voice of Luffy. Luffy said like this, “Tell everyone, without the slightest hesitation. I will beat Kaido and defeat him.

It was revealed that the one who saved Luffy was not a legend or a legendary beast. But what saved Luffy was the crew of Trafalgar Law, the Heart Pirates with their submarine.

Scene Then moving on to Kid and Law, here Law says that after allying with Luffy for a while now, he now trusts Luffy. Law and Kid finally make a temporary alliance to face Big Mom. Kid also said, if it reminded him of the time on the island of Sabody first.


Then the story moved to Kinemon, he was still able to survive after being attacked by Kaido and trying to fight against the beast pirate captain. However, Kinemon got stabbed in the stomach.

In this battle, Kaido said to Kinemon that he should die like a knight.

Furthermore, when Momo knew that Bao Huang was functioning as a mic, he spoke without Bao Huang knowing that Luffy was still alive. Momo who still hears Luffy’s voice and that means he’s not dead yet.

It seems, the hope of the alliance is re-emerging. Shinobu and Momonosuke kept running from Kaido who was chasing after him.

Looks like Zeus is still alive even though only a small piece remains, he spoke to Nami.

Seen, Yamato who ran towards the bottom of Onigashima castle, he also met Kaido and shouted for his father, “Kaido!!!”

Kaido who heard that was angry and said to Yamato “You should call me Yamato’s father!”. Yamato shouted again, that he had come to break the shackles that had bound him all this time.***

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