One Piece Chapters 1011 and 1012: Release Date, Manga Series Will Soon Have Two Hits

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Sidat.ID, – Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1010 are out and reveal the upcoming manga series schedule.

In addition, there are periodic breaks for editors or breaks for the holidays.

The same immediately happened with One Piece Chapter 1011 and One Piece Chapter 1012, as their release date was already revealed.

Here’s more information on One Piece chapters 1011 and 1012 release dates, manga breaks, theories, and predictions for the manga’s upcoming installments.

While all manga fans hate pauses and delays, Blocktoro’s page on April 8, 2021.

One Piece fans always have to suffer because Eiichiro Oda keeps resting after writing every 2-3 chapters.

Here is the exact information that was revealed at the end of One Piece 1010 about the manga chapters that are coming soon.


One Piece will soon have a Jump and Color Spread cover in the 21-22 or 2021 issue of Chapter 1011, on sale April 26 in Japan.

After that issue, there is immediately a one-week break for the Golden Week holidays in Japan, the next issue of Jump 2021 will be on sale on May 10.

Based on the information provided above, here is the update schedule for the upcoming Sundays for the launch of the One Piece manga.

  • April 11 – One Piece Chapter 1010
  • April 18: Sunday off
  • April 25 – One Piece Chapter 1011 (Skip Deck and Color Diffusion)
  • May 2: Golden Week holiday
  • May 9: One Piece Chapter 1012 (Special Winner Color Extension)
  • One Piece Chapter 1011 and One Piece Chapter 1012 immediately continue the manga’s story of the rooftop battle between Luffy and Kaido.

Eiichiro Oda decided to reveal more about the Luffy vs Kaido fight or turn to the characters inside the Onigashima dome.

Even though we’ve seen most of the character fights, the Jinbe vs Who’s Who battle is yet to be seen and it immediately turns into a nice change of pace from usual.

The One Piece 1011 and One Piece 1012 chapters are a long way off, so it will soon take some time for the manga spoilers to come out.***

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