One Piece: Proof of the Great Power of 5 New Generation Supernovas!

Sidat.ID, – Since the beginning after the time-skip, it has been clear that the Supernovai are very strong, becoming the strongest among the many young pirates who are on the rise. They continued to increase their strength and did not stop growing, until they were then recognized by the world government and even the navy.

Worst Generation or Supernova is now depicted in the same position as the Yonko, Shichibukai, and the Revolutionary Army. They have begun to be recognized for their strength and existence by the rulers. And so far, in the Wano arc, this point has been proven. With what is happening right now, Oda seems to make a difference between the Supernovas.

Right now, the characters I am aware of are those who have strong Haki abilities. To be able to have a strong Haki requires a strong goal or determination. And to have a strong determination, one must be able to go beyond one’s limits and keep moving forward. All of these factors are the key to the difference between a strong and a weak Supernova.

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Those who were considered supernovas to be weak were Jewelry Bonney, Capone Bege, Urouge, Basil Hawkins, and Scratchmen Apoo. They are all figures who have voluntarily accepted the offer to join the Yonko. Or they try to face these Yonko with their own strength, even though in reality they are still too weak for the Yonko or even for their subordinates.

They are deemed not to have the courage to refuse the offer or to intersect with the Yonko. In addition, they are considered not to have anything “special” that can put them at the top of the competition. They seemed to have had enough of being strong. On the other hand there are some names that are considered to be the strongest Supernovas.

They are Killer, Eustass Kidd, Roronoa Zoro, Trafalgar Law, and of course Monkey D. Luffy. From the start, they had their eyes on the Yonko’s head. They are not afraid to face threats from the Yonko. These Supernovas do not want to accept an invitation to join their subordinates, and prefer to reject it.

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The five Supernovas are considered to have the strength to be able to face Yonko subordinates or even face their Yonko at once. They are characters who have the determination and goal to be at the highest level in the world of One Piece. After all, they have a lot in common. First, they have devil fruit abilities.

Second, they have Haki abilities. Luffyi is a Supernova who has the perfect Haki ability, followed by Roronoa Zoro. And it seems that Oda Sensei himself has indeed planned to bring the five of them to be the strongest among other Supernovas, either through stories or through other clues.

This can be seen from chapter 1001 to 1010 yesterday. Both Big Mom and Kaido often give “praise” to the five Supernovas who face them on top of Kaido’s palace. For example, Big Mom considers them to be extraordinary characters because they are able to withstand devastating combination attacks. The two Yonko were surprised to see Zoro withstand their attacks.

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Kaido himself often “praises” them by saying that the new generation is a difficult one. He praised Zoro, saying that his attacks could leave scars on his body. In fact, in strength Kaido admits that they are monsters. The predictions from 20 years ago also stated that a great power would emerge to defeat Kaido.

Although there were theories and speculations that this power was Luffy, but in chapter 1000, he finally learned that this great power was the pirates of a new generation, who would come to New World and defeat Kaido. Marco admits that now is the era of the new generation, where the old generation has ended. What do you think geeks, do you agree?

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