One Piece: Shanks and Roger Have the Same Goal?

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Sidat.ID, – About more than two decades ago in the world of One Piece, the figure of Gol D. Roger is said to have managed to go to the last island in the Grand Line, Laugh Tale. There, Roger and his pirate group managed to find a treasure that was left about 800 years ago by Joy Boy. Roger then learns the true facts about the lost century, the ancient weapons, and the meaning of D.

However, as stated in the story, Roger was considered too fast to find facts. This is what then makes Roger’s pirate group unable to do anything, even though it is said that they managed to find One Piece and study the history of the world that exists. Roger’s group could not shake the world as stated.

Whitebeard himself later said that someone soon found One Piece, and then challenged the world, reversing the situation. That means that the contents of One Piece will immediately cause a very big conflict. Rayleigh himself said that, before Roger was executed he had inspired many young pirates from all over the world to start sailing.

They immediately searched for the many young pirates who were inspired by Roger and looked for the whereabouts of One Piece, who inherited their determination. There is an interesting theory regarding the contents of One Piece, is Roger, after finding One Piece or whatever he found in Laugh Tale, possibly wanting to start a world conflict.

But, unfortunately, Roger didn’t have much time left because of the illness he was suffering from. That’s why he chose to then surrender himself instead of starting a conflict, and Roger’s pirate group, is currently waiting for the day and someone who can finish what Roger wanted to start first.

Seeing how Crocus and Rayleigh seem to position them as an important key to the Grand Line, making it seem like they are the “guardians” of all missions. The Yonko are probably the closest, in theme and story, to Laugh Tale and One Piece. They are the last hurdle and challenge for many pirates before they find One Piece.

And as some fans might have guessed, Shanks’ presence in New World is key. Shanks and the rest of Roger’s crew seem to guard the world and the Grand Line until a suitable successor appears. This was revealed by Shanks at the beginning of his meeting with Luffy, where he said, “Meet me when you’ve become a big / great pirate.”


Shanks has already taken four major actions. First, trying to stop the fight between Blackbeard and Ace, even though the result was unsuccessful. Second, restrain Kaido from coming to Marineford. Third, stop the war at Marineford. fourth, appearing at Mary Geoise to warn the Gorosei about a certain pirate.

Shanks is shown to always act diplomatically. Shanks immediately tries to do whatever it takes to prevent potential chaos from occurring around the world, keeping the world stable. And this has to do with the “duty” to find a successor to Roger’s determination. he immediately tried to protect the world until Roger’s successor showed his fangs by challenging the world.

Roger’s pirate group, whether all or some of them, may soon join in later with Roger’s successor. Many fans think that the Straw Hat pirates are the figure Roger has been waiting for. Even though in theme, Luffy is indeed a figure to look forward to because he is considered to have inherited someone’s will, but it seems too fast to decide all of that.

Why then did Shanks give Luffy his straw hat? Shanks wearing a straw hat indicates that he inherited Roger’s determination. However, it may be that Shanks respects Roger’s last wish, to find someone who can complete his task. Shanks gave his hat to Luffy because he was “betting for the future” because Luffy is believed to be Roger’s successor.

Maybe this is why the World Government feels Shanks is not a threat, where he does not immediately start a conflict. Maybe that is the reason why they are teaming up with Shanks, for the sake of delaying a big conflict. Did Luffy immediately continue with what Roger hadn’t started? We look forward to the continuation of the story, geeks!***

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