One Piece: The Swordsman Zoro Defeated!

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Sidat.ID, – Roronoa Zoro is one of the strongest crew in the Straw Hats, and is one of the strongest characters in the world of One Piece. Trying to beat Dracule Mihawk, Zoro dreams of becoming the best swordsman in the world. And from what has been shown so far, Zoro has indeed struggled and trained hard to be able to make his dreams come true.

Like Luffy, over the past two decades of One Piece, Zoro has faced many enemies. However, there are some of the opponents Zoro faced with the same ability, namely experts in using swords. The following is a list of characters who have the sword skills that Zoro has defeated.


Thriller Bark presents one of the most interesting battles in Zoro’s life. He must face a samurai zombie. There are several reasons why this fight is interesting. In this battle, Zoro finally obtained a legendary sword, Shushui, which made him even more of a great swordsman.

The figure of Ryuma’s corpse is indeed not the real Ryuma, because in fact his shadow belongs to someone else. However, the two characters compliment each other for their epic abilities. This battle is really very interesting to watch, especially in the end Ryuma gave Zoro the Shushui sword and said that his sword would be very happy to get a new master.


Hachi was once part of the Arlong pirate group, which once spread terror and fear to the people in the Nami region. In fact, Nami herself had to be affected, where she and her siblings became slaves to the group. Nami even had to fight to save her village from Arlong’s threats. Hachi is the one who fought against Luffy and Zoro who wanted to save Nami.

However, Hachi has now changed. He wanted to pay for his mistakes that he had done to people in the past. In the Sabaody arc, even Hachi is willing to sacrifice himself in order to help Luffy, who was trying to fight against the sky dragons. Zoro himself had faced Hachi and won. Even though Hachi at that time used almost six swords, while Zoro only used three swords. This proves the ability of Hachi’s sword is far below Zoro’s.

Daz Bones

Daz Bones is one of the strongest enemies Zoro has faced so far. The conflict between the two took place in the Alabasta arc. Daz Bones himself has a devil fruit ability that allows him to turn his body into sharp objects. At first, Zoro found it difficult to match the strength of Daz Bones.


The challenges that Zoro had to face were a little higher when he faced Hatchi. Zoro not only had to face six swords at once, but eight swords at once. However, Zoro was undaunted and in the end proved that Hyozo’s sword skills were incomparable to Zoro’s sword skills.


Tashigi is a captain in the navy who works in the G-5 region along with vice admiral Smoker. Tashigi has one goal in life, namely to take back various legendary swords in the hands of pirates. Although Tashigi hasn’t done anything successful to make his dream come true, he has so far succeeded in returning three swords: Kashu, Yamaoroshi, and Shigure.

Even though Tashigi is a good sword user, he needs an increase in strength to be able to get all of these legendary swords from pirates. This is evident where in several battles against Zoro, Tashigi always lost. Zoro always considered Tashigi a serious threat. And the fact is that Tashigi’s sword skills are far below Zoro’s. In fact, Tashigi was terrified of Zoro’s aura and abilities.


The battle between Zoro and Kaku is one of the most epic fights, the most devastating, that Zoro has faced so far. This is the best fight he has ever had. Kaku, who eats the giraffe-type Zoan devil fruit, makes Zoro the first time Zoro has to use 100% of his strength. In this battle, even Usopp becomes a sword.

Kaku is able to withstand all the attacks launched by Zoro, even almost all of his attacks are unable to injure Kaku. In this battle for the first time we see Zoro’s highest ability, where he activates the Ashura Ichibugin technique, where Zoro has three faces and six arms and a sword.


The battle between Pica and Zoro was already very exciting and interesting from beginning to end. It is very clear that Pica will not be able to win in the battle of sword power against Zoro. That’s why he then used his devil fruit ability to turn into a monster. Even though Pica turned into a monster figure, it was obvious that it was not an obstacle for Zoro to split it into pieces.

And it needs to be understood that not all swordsmen can do this to be able to do it. In the battle against Pica, for the first time we saw Zoro’s use of Haki where Zoro used Armament Haki and Observation Haki. This is a battle that finally forces Zoro to fight more for the first time after the time-skip.***

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