Re: Zero Season 3: The Story Everything You Need to Know

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Sidat.ID, – The popular isekai anime, Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World, closes its second season on March 24, 2021. Subaru, who was basically buying groceries at the beginning of the anime, has now gone beyond mere shopping.

This anime is an adaptation of a light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. Re: Zero has been one of the highest rated isekai anime since its launch in 2016. Fans have given up on other seasons until 2020.

After season two, will Re: Zero have season 3 anytime soon? Here’s everything you need to know about Re: Zero season 3.

Re: Zero has not ceased to amaze fans since the first season. The second season ended with overwhelming response from viewers, with many people rating them 5 stars. The anime ends on a happy and healthy tone, while leaving fans wanting another season.

Re: Zero Start in Another World: Overview

Re: Zero studio White Fox is one of his treasured anime that has achieved a high level of success. Subaru, a normal teenager, arrives in an unknown world full of elves, magic and spirits. He befriends Emilia, whose emblem has been stolen.

After some very complicated events, Subaru realized that he was being taken back in time to start from scratch every time he died. He took note of her fateful relationship with Emilia and decided to protect her over and over again.

Emilia is a half fairy who participated in the Kingdom’s Choice to become the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. She is an outcast because people seem to fear her because of her striking resemblance to the witch of the past, Satella.

She has enemies of her own, such as the people she fights, humans who fear her, and the Witch Cult. Subaru protected him from the various Magician Cult antagonists using all of his intelligence and abilities.

Re: Zero Season 3 Release Date

The second season ends on March 24, 2021. It is too early to wait for the announcement of another season and release date. However, fans should be relieved to learn that Re: Zero will have another season soon.

Before season two aired, Crunchyroll News interviewed Sho Tanaka, the producer of Re: Zero.

In this interview, although he did not announce any news about another season, he said that he is sure that fans immediately ‘screamed’ for the next season after watching season 2, which turned out to be really true.

This can be taken as a clue that the producers are not in favor of canceling the show, and we can safely look forward to another season.

Season 3 is to be expected because the source has a lot of material that can and does need to be animated. Nagatsuki had already mentioned that the light novel was almost half finished despite completing 24 volumes in September.


This anime is very popular and it doesn’t make sense for the creators to leave it incomplete, especially when the demand is high.

The release date for the third season is a bit difficult to predict. The second season was released after 4 years. It is safe to assume that we will receive one more season from 2021 to 2023 at the latest.

Re: Zero Season 3 – What to Expect?

The light novel, Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World, released its 24th volume in September 2020. That same year, the second season of the anime was released in two episodes. The first test takes place from July to September.

After a 3-month hiatus, the series resumes from January and runs through March 2021. The second season covers the fourth arc of the high-efficiency light novel. The light novel has a total of 7 arcs so far.

Anime Re: Zero has followed its original material with a lot of participation with its author, Tappei Nagatsuki. It’s fair to assume that the upcoming series also soon followed suit with scrutiny from the original authors in subsequent seasons.

Considering this information, we can safely assume that the anime will soon cover the fifth arc of the novel in season 3.

The fifth arc, called ‘Stars Who Make History’, immediately focuses on another candidate for the Royal Team, Anastasia.

Many new characters were soon introduced who soon played a major or minor role in the story. Once again, the Witch Cult, under the Archbishop’s command, immediately returned to wreak havoc on the City of Water Gates.

This bow became very interesting right away, as we immediately saw Subaru move around again, now as Emilia’s official Knight.

Re: Zero is the first isekai anime that comes to mind when thinking of isekai anime. Re: Zero is getting a lot of positive feedback.

We still have a lot to find out about Satella and the Witch Cult. Also, we still need an explanation of the relationship between Satella and Emilia. So with so many questions, the new season of Re: Zero is highly anticipated.***

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