Rick and Morty visit Rainbow Six Siege

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Sidat.ID, – The adult animated series Rick and Morty always takes the theme of science fiction with its crazy adventures. Not infrequently jokes and physics are included. Its popularity has kept the Adult Swim series going since it first aired in 2013.

But will they be involved in one of Ubisoft’s games? This is what happened in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft announced its collaboration with Adult Swim to release two exclusive Rick and Morty cosmetics for Rainbow Six Siege. Both were released specifically for two operators, namely Sledge and Smoke.

Sledge Gromflomite and Smoke Pickle Rick, that’s what they both call him. These two cosmetics are present in a bundle containing uniforms, headgear, Federation Defense skin accessories, M590A1 weapon skins, and Seal Team Rick charms for Sledge.


As for Smoke, immediately get the Rick Rat Suit and Headgear Pickles, Portal Gun Accessory Skins, Weapon Skins, and Rick’s Pickle Charms.

This bundle is priced at 2,160 R6 credits and players can purchase it immediately in-game.

Ubisoft admits that they will soon continue to add exclusive packages like the Rick and Morty collaboration on Rainbow Six Siege’s sixth year content.***

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