Song Joong Ki: Episode 16 of Vincenzo’s Drama, Goosebumps Through His Dark Mafia Aura

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Sidat.ID, – Song Joong Ki Episode 16 Drama Vincenzo, Audience Shudders With His Dark Mafaura

The drama Vincenzo, which airs every Saturday and Sunday on the tvN channel, received a high rating last night.

Episode 16, Vincenzo, played by Song Joong Ki, repeatedly goes into crisis over the evil plans of Jang Joon Woo and Choi Myung Hee.

Hopefully, the accusation to assassinate President Daechang Ilbo Oh Jeong-bae Vincenzo could not be dropped.

The plan to destroy Geumga Plaza was subsequently rejected, and an angry Jang Joon Woo killed Oh Gyeong Ja to take Vincenzo’s most precious treasure.

At the death of his mother, Vincenzo felt incredibly sad, but immediately turned around with a cold look.

Song Joong Ki was able to surprise the audience and got goose bumps when he saw his appearance as Vincenzo, who coldly threatened Joon Woo’s men with his gun.

Jang Joon Woo and Choi Myung Hee failed to catch Vincenzo, but they certainly didn’t stop there.

The two are skeptical that President Oh Jeong Bae knows about Jang Joon Woo’s past, and if President Oh is certain that he obtained the information from Vincenzo, the Guillotine file must be in his hands.

The criminals decide to destroy Geumga Plaza to destroy Vincenzo and the Guillotine Archive at the same time.

The party takes place in Geumga Plaza, when the party goes well, tremendous commotions hit Geumga Plaza.

Suddenly the siren sounded and the smell of the gas leak vibrated, then firefighters arrived and ordered the tenants to evacuate the building.


Amid the chaos, firefighters discovered that Yeongho Bun Sik’s gas pipeline had been cut.

Next to him was a suspicious smart watch, after witnessing this, Vincenzo realized that the watch was about to explode, and he ran furiously and threw the watch out the window.

As expected, there was fire in the guard, luckily the Geumga Plaza family managed to escape the crisis, but Vincenzo realizes that the counterattack of the criminals will continue.

Furthermore, the point of attention of viewers was Jang Han Seo, who reported the 119th gas leak accident.

Jang Han Seo, who was ordered to destroy Geumga Plaza, disobeyed Jang Jun Woo’s orders and chose to be by Vincenzo’s side.

Jang Han Seo revealed that his older brother Jang Joon Woo would never stop to carry out his actions.

Vincenzo eventually killed the killer who had injured his mother by pointing his gun at the person.

There was no smile left on Vincenzo’s face, he only contained his sadness and anger, as if there was only a deep and empty darkness in his cold eyes.

Before the death of his mother, Vincenzo actually made the audience shudder in horror, due to his actions to take down the criminals with great tension.

With Jang Han Seo now by Vincenzo’s side, the unpredictable war stimulated the audience’s anticipation of what the end of the war would be like.***

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