Spoilers for Manga Attack On Titan Chapter 139, Eren’s Last Words

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Sidat.ID, – Attack on Titan Manga chapter 139 is scheduled for release on Friday April 9, 2021. Attack on Titan spoiler 139, also known as the last chapter, has been written on the internet. Now, Eren’s name is in the ranks of trending topics on Twitter on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

The previous chapter, when many people had turned into pure titans, Mikasa and Levi Ackerman assisted by Falco Grice attacked Eren. Mikasa makes the decision to behead Eren in hopes that he will end the entire tragedy. So what will happen next?

Attack on Titan chapter 139: Yeager

The title of Attack on Titan chapter 139 or the last chapter is Yeager. Mikasa became Eren’s Titans. He held Eren’s head while he cried because he realized this was goodbye between them. Ymir tries to say something to Mikasa.

He tells Mikasa that they are no different because Eren has helped them achieve freedom. Ymir reveals that Mikasa has forgotten Ackerman’s instinct towards Eren. Ymir says that Mikasa has tried everything by beheading Eren, and shows that freedom is his instinctual desire.

Then Mikasa asked if he could talk to Eren. Ymir, Mikasa and Armin head to a road, where they meet Eren. Ymir disappeared and left the three of them talking. Meanwhile, in the real world, Levi Ackerman waits for Mikasa to return.

Levi loses his power to Ackerman and says that he has been weakened. At the same time, revived Connie and Jean head to the cliff and sit there watching the Titan’s body evaporate after the battle. Meanwhile, on the Camino, Eren admits defeat to Armin and Mikasa. He said that nothing could be changed, but that he cared about Armin and Mikasa more than anything.


Eren’s last words

After that, Mikasa decided to cut off Eren’s head on the way. The cycle of death finally ends and they return to the real world. After all the terrible incidents, the Marleyans thanked the remaining scouts.

They apologize and decide to form a new friendship and alliance with Eldia. But Levi turned down the offer and told them not to touch the island for their own good. Levi and his allies get on the plane from Salta and return to Paradis.

Mikasa stood up and threw her scarf off the cliff. He realized that Eren’s last words were Armin. Mikasa remembers Grisha holding Eren and Carla smiling at him. Grisha has a vision of the future and sees that Eren is trying to find all the places in Armin’s book with Armin and Mikasa. Grisha realized that letting Eren go brought her the utmost freedom.

“You will be free, I promise you, Eren,” Grisha said.

Manga Attack on Titan chapter 139 is ready for release on Friday, April 9, 2021 on various official sites such as Crunchyroll and Comixology.***

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