Synopsis Why Did You Kill Me?, Hunting the Killer Through Social Media, aired April 14 on Netflix

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Sidat.ID, – The documentary Why Did You Kill Me tells the story behind the tragedy of the murder of a woman named Crystal Theobald. In February 2006, Crystal Theobald was rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. When, this 24-year-old woman was in the car with her lover, Juan Patlan, and her younger brother, Justin.

The lines between justice and revenge blur when grieving families use social media to track down the killers of Crystal Theobald, who died at the age of 24.

Upon entering an area called Arlanza in California, Crystal’s car was suddenly intercepted by two SUVs. Not long after, multiple shots started targeting Crystal, covering her in blood. Juan was also a victim of this attack. He was also rushed to Riverside Community Hospital for surgery.

Due to the serious injuries, Crystal Theobald’s life was not saved. Her mother, Belinda Lane, was forced to face the harsh reality that her daughter had to lose her life at a young age. She but she then she encouraged Belinda to help the police locate the perpetrator.


Official Sites: Netflix Site
Country: USA
Language: Spanish | English
Release Date: April 14, 2021 (US)
Also known as: Pourquoi tu m’as tuée?

Armed with the information she obtained from various sources, Belinda began searching for her on her MySpace social media. She also asked her nephew, Jamie, to dress up as Crystal to catch the perpetrator. See the rest of the story in the documentary Why Did You Kill Me? which airs on Netflix as of Wednesday (4/14/2021).***

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